Thursday, March 22, 2012

Met My Doppelganger

I was walking across the street this morning to visit my neighbor when I heard  a lady frantically yelling "Hey, you don't know me but I need to meet you!!" 
Me?? I looked around. 
"Yes, YOU."
 This lady in her workout clothes and sunglasses ran over to me explaining that I was her "twin." Then I remembered that yes, I do have a twin. When I was helping with Brynn's fieldtrip I remember walking past another mom who waved to me "Hi GG." That was weird but I dismissed it until not a few seconds later another mom walked past and also said, "Hi GG." Confused, I looked down to see if I was wearing one of those "Hello my name is GG" name tags. I wasn't.  Later, I had a whole conversation with a lady who apparently thought I was GG the whole time. It wasn't until the conversation turned to where we lived that she realized she was talking to the wrong person and then she could not believe her eyes. I almost had to fetch my I.D to seal her doubts.
I explained these bizarre happenings to my friends who exclaimed, "Oh yes!! We know her and well...I guess we can see why people would think that..." We had a good laugh and since then people have been claiming to see me around town in places I haven't been. 

Meg Ryan (not my doppelganger)
Soooo,after all that we finally met--and I was instantly flattered! This is the cute mom I'd seen around town that I always thought looked like Meg Ryan!!! When I told her that she confirmed that yes, she'd gotten that before.  Did I? "No", I shook my head, but I was feeling pretty fun so I said, "for me it's Reese Witherspoon!"  Ha! Ha!  Do I think I look like GG? No, darn it. But I'm flattered that others do . Anyway, apparently she gets called me half the time and I get called her some of the time and well, that's great because it turns out she's super fun. We've decided we should totally live this up and dress alike. And why stop there? she got the name and number of my hairdresser.

Now, traditionally, seeing one's own doppelganger is a sign of imminent death, but I just foresee a lot of fun times together reveling in our new sisterhood!!What a quirky day. It's not a lot of people in this world that get to meet and like their doppleganger...and live to tell about it.


Megz said...

What are the odds that your doppleganger lives in Richfield? My weirdest one is that at three different times of my life completely random strangers have said I looked like Laura from Little House on the Prairie. But now that she's on Dancing With the Stars and obviously had some sort of face lift I ain't too flattered.
Fun for you though. What does BD think? Take a real picture of her!

Sher said...

That is funny. I'm glad you like her. We'd hate for her to be the evil twin! It would be fun to see you with her, dressed the same so we could have an opinion.

Michelle said...

I pretend I look like Reese Witherspoon, too. I'd go for Michelle Phifer if anyone would believe it.

Megan said...

Someone once told me I looked like Ashley Judd. I'm not seeing it. Maybe a grumpy, sleep-deprived Ashley Judd who doesn't get to the gym....ever.