Sunday, October 14, 2012

Time Out is for Moms Too

Went to Time Out For Women this weekend. It was awesome. Between that and conference last weekend I have been getting shovel fulls of good advice. What is everyone trying to tell me?  Forgive, Laugh, Apologize (sincerely) and rejoice in Womanhood.  

Earlier this week I was not at all rejoicing in womanhood or any of it's apron strings. I put in what felt like the 970th load of laundry for the year, emptied the dishwasher for the 1,056th time, and cooked the 671 meal in a row that no one particularly liked, except myself.  I reminded my kids for the 700th time to practice and do their jobs as I kicked the 13th errant ice cube out of sight and under the freezer. I. was. in. a.  royal. funk.

What do I like to do when this occurs?  Look for travel deals and hope that there will be another special announcement to extend the new mission age to women in their mid-thirties.

Ugg. Well, I went to TOFW, and like I said it was awesome because I think it de-funked me. Yeah.
I heard messages that were so what I needed to hear it's like they had taken my life as their theme. Forgive, Laugh, Apologize (sincerely) and rejoice in Womanhood. OKAY!!
We listened to the dreamy melodies of violinist Jenny Oaks Baker. She made me want to practice--(as if that would help.)

I realized how extremely privileged I am (and you)  to be a woman in this day and age and country after hearing the life story of a woman who escaped war-torn Sierra Leone. I suddenly became very grateful to have a dish to wash, kids to teach and for basically E V E R Y thing I have from shoes to beds to freedom.

I got home and rejoiced that my husband had done the dishes. When I saw that the backyard was littered with pizza and paper products I rejoiced  that we had food to spare, that I had kids to make such a mess, and that they were physically capable of cleaning it all up.  I guess that's why they say GRATITUDE is the parent of all other virtues.

What's my point?  I guess it's to be grateful for your awesome life (because it is awesome) and go to TOFW if you get a chance. It was fun. Plus we got gift bags and I made like 1800 new friends. :) :)


Sheree said...

I need that! Sometimes it is so hard to just pull out of a funk. I really think reframing my life and seeing things from another perspective is the only thing that really helps. Just having a break doesn't really do it for me. I have never been to TOFW. I did however go to the Sisters in Scriptures class today at your old home stake, and Sue's mom was the teacher. It was awesome! I only wish we were close enough to do some of that kind of thing together. They even record the classes and put them on their blog. Just what I need to listen to while I am doing another load of dishes.

LC said...

Oh, that is so fun to think of being in that kind of class with all those great people!!! Thanks for sharing Sheree.

Megan said...

This was the perfect pre-bedtime message for me tonight, on a day when I have also felt like I am in a pit. I need to realize just how many glorious things I have to be grateful for. I like the rejoicing part, especially. Your blog posts are like a sunny glass of orange juice to me, Laur. They brighten my day.

Sher said...

Thanks Laura. I'm glad you enjoyed TOFW. I'm convinced that gratitude is one of the main keys to happiness. Thanks for sharing.