Sunday, December 23, 2012

12 Daze of Christmas

2.  Adrie had her 2nd grade program. My favorite part was watching them dance the Macarena. I'm not sure what the Macarena has to do with Christmas but it was entertaining!   Brynn sang in her school program and the girls were glad to get their violin recital out of the way early in the month.

3. Visit from Santa at the church party.   Cannon changed his mind at the last minute and asked Santa for legos. He didn't think Santa would be able to give him an iPad afterall. Man, is he smart! The girls are going all gadgety for Christmas and asking for electronics of various sorts.

 4. I played in the orchestra for our community Messiah production. It wouldn't be Christmas without that amazing music.  This was my 10th year! and the first time that my mom was able to be there--in spirit.

5. We got loads of snow! We were hoping school would get cancelled the next day and so we made plans to celebrate: Making salt dough ornaments, baking cookies, and snuggling.  School wasn't cancelled but we couldn't give up our plans. We declared it a snow day and stayed home anyway.

6. Driving to the city to meet up with Brandon and for once I was grateful to get pulled over by Highway Patrol. He informed me that on the mountain pass ahead I would encounter deer, snow drifts, and black ice and if I continued to go my speed I might not get to where I was going.  Sure enough he was right! I slowed waay down and was able to safely maneuver through the ice packed stretch of road. I'm pretty sure he saved our lives!! And that is already making for a merrier christmas. 

 7. Went to the movies, did some city shopping, went out to eat and concluded the day with the beautiful lights at Temple Square. Oh,  I forgot how much I love the city!!

8. At the family party Aunt M fashioned these super cool hats for our gift exchange. We have been wearing hats all day ever since but had to draw the line when it came time for church.

 9. Brandon led the ward choir in our Sunday music program. I got to write it, sing, play the cello, and lead the congregation. I thought it went swimmingly and we're both especially glad that it's over!!

10, 11, 12. Watched Silent Night the docudrama which is about the origins of how the song was written in Germany, 1818.  One by one each of the kids wandered off to put themselves to bed. How great is that?! Finally, after all these years, we've learned the secret to a beautiful bedtime. And that's exactly where I'm going to wander off next. Merry Christmas everyone!!


cold cocoa said...

You've had a festive month! That's perfect. Merry Christmas!!

Sher said...

I think my kids secretly wish you were their Mom because you let your kids take that snow day even though school was in session. You do such wonderful things and I hope you have a fabulous Christmas. See you soon!