Saturday, December 8, 2012


A few days ago I was driving home from getting groceries when in a moment of spontaneity I pulled into the local thrift store and decided to have a look around. Boy, am I glad I did.

Cannon went straight for the toys. I went straight for the books. He found a blue power ranger to complete his rainbow collection. I found this little book written by my grandma, published in 1947.

 My grandma authored 20+ books, most of which I have. I did not have this one and it is a gem. I just delved into it for the first time of my life and it's turning out to be a delightful narrative summary of the Bible. My grandma had a deep love for the Bible which she passed onto her daughter, my mom. No one could tell a Bible story quite like my mom. I remember many of her rousing renditions at the breakfast table. My grandma and mom had one specific version of Bible stories that they preferred to all others--and that, friends, was my next lucky find:
  This looks like the same version my mom read to me and here it was at the thrift store for me to buy and read to my kids. The inside cover read:  Merry Christmas Boys  Love, Mommy and Daddy, 1948. What a treasure.
  This beautiful book uses classic art and it reads just like my mom and I imagine my grandma would have told these stories--add in some wild gesturing. (My mom could not talk without her hands.)  I too, love the Bible and am so thrilled to pass on that love to my children. (I also can't talk without my hands.)
As if this trip weren't already completely and totally paying off I then glanced over to see another familiar title, this one written by my Uncle!!
Grateful for that little nudge that sent me into the thrift store that day,  I'm looking forward to some cozy book nights of sorts in the literal spirit of family.


Sher said...

That's awesome! I love a good treasure hunt in a thrift store, but it's even better if you find something written by your family members! And, your poem in your Christmas letter was great. It was impressive, and I enjoyed it.

Michelle said...

Wow! Next time I drop something of at DI I might just go in. Usually I just find out why something was donated.

Megan said...

The nudge that showed God loves you. How wonderful. (I also adored your gem of a Christmas card.)