Saturday, February 9, 2013


Even though it's the dead of winter tons of stuff has been happening to keep us feeling very alive. Let's get started.

1. Brynn celebrated Birthday #10 with a party at the Bowling Alley

 2. Later, she celebrated at home with the family and looked around the house to find a few fun gifts.  Specifically she got a suitcase with a handmade (meaning I scrawled on a piece of paper) ticket to DisneyWorld Epcot Center...which means YAY
 3. I booked us a trip to Florida. What better way to cure my January doldrums, February pasty skin, and March Spring fever in one fell swoop. We are flying for FREE with airline miles from Southwest Airlines. As if beach wasn't enough, it's going to be WARM beach. Apparently it is warm all the year long in Florida which makes me wonder why I don't retire early there... Could it be because we like skiing so much...

4. We went skiing again! This time Kate had to stay home sick (sad.)  Brynn did her first advanced run AND she busted her ski pole. Not at the same time. She failed to heed the chair workers warnings to unstrap her poles from her wrists as she got on the chairlift. Subsequently, they were dragged under the crushing weight of the chairlift and SNAP. That was a $20 lesson learned. The nice guys at the rental shop suggested all kinds of cool things we could make out of our broken pole from coat hooks to chair legs. Take that pinterest!   
 Brynn might also have been snapped in two if it weren't for a nice snowboarder who grabbed her just before she would have flown over the edge of a run and down into a creek bed.  Maybe she was not quite ready for an advanced run yet??  If only for their wacky headgear, snowboarders have earned soft spot in this mother's heart. Still, don't let that scare you.  Skiing is the best thing you could ever do in the snow.  

5.  I took the two younger girls to our first college gymnastics meet. It was fun to watch their excitement and they really bring it for the fans. We won some fun red paraphernalia so we could be proud Ute fans for a night.  Brynn took this picture...
 6. The next day Brynn had her own gymnastics competition. She just moved up to level 5 and was anxious about her first meet as such.  We were glad to have Grandma and Grandpa join us for this.
 Not to worry Brynn placed 3rd on vault and bars, her favorite events. Her coach says she is a powerhouse.

In other exciting news,  Kate made the winning shot for her team to take the 6th grade Basketball championship!  Her traveling team season though has just begun and she is excited for more of her very favorite sport.  

I spent the last couple weeks advocating for an orchestra program in the schools and helping to organize a community orchestra. The latter was MUCH easier. We had our first rehearsal and went great!  
As for the schools we have met many more bumps in the road. My music group played for the incoming middle schoolers, taught them about the instruments, and asked them to fill out a survey for which music class they would like to take. We were delighted to see that Orchestra--although not currently offered was a clear majority. We will be taking our results for yet another meeting with the school board and administration...and we got to be interviewed about it all on the local radio station.

Good times. More birthdays in the next couple of weeks and then we'll be enjoying a much appreciated VACATION!!


Sherie Christensen said...

Wow....Wow. You are awesome. Happy birthday and congrats to Brynn on her gymnastics awards. Uncle D.B. will be proud of Kate. I'm impressed with all of your work in behalf of orchestras, and I'd love it if I were going to Florida for vacation. I hope you have a great time!

Megan said...

You are a powerhouse, Laura! Look at all the sparkly, exciting things you are making happen. So fantastic. Good luck with the school orchestra project. Hope it works out. And enjoy your sunny, wonderful family vacation!