Sunday, February 17, 2013

Birthday OverDose

If raising electronics-dependent children gets you parent of the year then we are right on track! On Sundays we make our kids give up their gadgets. I thought it was funny the next day when I was tidying up to see the random assortment of toys that were used in their place. 

Recorder, Harmonica, beanbag, Etch a Sketch.

Anyway, our week was filled with more birthdays and more parties. What better way to survive the long winter months?!

Adrie turned 8
This is an important milestone in our family because not only do you get to be baptized you also get your ears pierced.

The event proved very traumatic for this 8-year old. Her older sisters came along for moral support and on the drive shared their own comforting experiences. 
Kate said it felt like hot knives going into your ears. Brynn disagreed, "No it's more like getting stung by seven wasps."  I thought it reminded me more of getting your ears stapled.   
Adrie went into hysterics. It took psych consults from 3 different salon technicians and me holding her to get the job the done.   Now that it's all over Adrie smiles and says it wasn't so bad. 
Adrie's birthday party at the Bowling Alley. Brandon won a free bowling party when I put his name in for a drawing at their Grand Opening. Perfect Timing! Besides bowling the girls enjoyed pizza, drinks, tokens for arcade games.  It was the easiest party ever!!
An ice cream conglomeration. Our kids sort of think out of the box when it comes to birthday cakes.

 Adrie's birthday loot like Brynn's,  included a suitcase for our upcoming trip to the tropics. Did you know YOU TOO can fly free too if you sign up for a Southwest credit card. 1 card = 2 roundtrip flights. Brandon and I each signed up, making 4 round trip tickets each, combine that with a really good deal and voila you get a family of 6 going to Floridaaaaa.

As I mentioned earlier, Adrie will be getting baptized which happens to be on the weekend of Kate's birthday. So, we had to schedule Kate's party a little earlier.  That meant Adrie's and Kate's parties were on the same day! I so do not recommend this!
 Kate invited 12 friends for the ultimate pre-teen slumber party.    She"hired" her little sister's friends to be "servants." at the party.   What a "great" idea, no?    Brynn and her friends , who by the way, were thrilled to have any part in this event, did their best to serve up snacks like homemade donuts and bean dip, to keep the refreshments going and to generally do anything that was asked of them--which after a couple hours was "to leave them alone."    The little hirelings were also the victims of some crazy makeovers.   The fun continued with the candy game, presents, Wii, an obstacle course at the gym, and the movie "Here Comes the Boom" GREAT SHOW! I went downstairs at 2:30 a.m. to tell them it was literally time to hit the sack.   Yes, we are all still recovering from this shindig...
Here's hoping for a less eventful week!


Megan said...

Wow, what a birthday-palooza! You are a fun mom. Truly, I am dying over the "hot knives," "seven wasps," and ear-stapling" conversation. So excited for you that you're planning a big fun trip! Huzzah!

Diana said...

What lucky girls! William says Adrie looks older and wants to know: "why did she do that to her permanent body?" I think he'd have some hysterics, too, if we took him to get his ears pierced. :)

Sherie Christensen said...

I think you are brave to do two parties on the same day. Wow! Having hired servants was clever of Kate. I thought it was a miracle that Adrie got her ears pierced at all after that conversation! Very funny.