Monday, May 20, 2013

3 Beaches and a Wedding

What could be happier than a beautiful couple getting married in a beautiful place for all eternity??
  My niece got married! It was a great reason to take a road trip to visit family and spend some time at yep, my favorite place in the whole world...the beach!!
 We drove extra speedy like so we could spend the afternoon here at Laguna Beach.  We relived favorite memories with Nana, like visiting the Candy Baron, and sharing nachos at Las Brisas.  One thing is for sure, a lot of people here were talking to themselves--and they weren't using wireless headphones...
  The next day we visited our most favoritist beach of all Crescent Bay. Sun, sand, waves, tidepools, frisbee--surely there was not a lovelier day --and a more stark contrast from fighting and biting on the car ride over!!! . I do believe I have thought of the BEST Mother's DAy present EVER?!! It's not too late is it?? a DVD player installed in the van.
Kate must have some animal attraction.  In Florida it was manatees. Here, it was a seal, bobbing it's sleek head and swimming right in her vicinity not 5 minutes after she swam out to sea.  So fun!  We explored the tidepools and found starfish, urchins, anenomes,  California blue mussels, gooseneck mussels, sand crabs, hermit crabs, sculpins, and yes, I am a real beach NERD who also loves to boogie board. 

 We played until we had sand in every crevice and then called it a day! I can pat myself on the back for remembering everything from beach chairs, boogie boards, even People magazine, and of course sunscreen, but OOps! forgot to APPLY it on that winter white skin.   We were totally fried for the next day's special event... (where the slightest Pat on the back would have all of us screaming in pain.)

The wedding at the lovely Newport Beach Temple....

 Our girls were asked to be the Flower Girls for the event, a title they have been waiting their WHOLE LIVES to fill.
 And here is the lovely couple after being married for TIME and ALL ETERNITY. Aren't they smashing?!
 The bride's family, which is my family--sister, nieces and nephews. I love these guys.

 Flower girl duties included handing out wedding mints and flitting around. The reception was a beautiful backyard celebration in Mission Viejo. There was great food, a DJ, and some late night dancing. Dancing is FUN! we should do it  more often.  . The whole reception was perfect. There was the cutting of the cake, the bouquet toss, and the garter toss and there was no line. Gotta love that!  We wished the couple adieu with bubbles and off they went on a honeymoon that was so top secret even the bride didn't know where it was. Ooh la la!
So, yay. What a happy great time. But, wait a sec, here we are at the end and  I know you're thinking "Hey??  what about the 3rd beach, we've only covered two so far???"   Good job! That is where our family  went BETWEEN the temple and the reception because we had 1 1/2 hours to chill.
Here we are at DANA POINT, still in our Sunday best.   We're having our own ooh la la moment because it's the BEACH--romantic, fun, and will always be my favorite place in the whole world!


Sherie Christensen said...

Ya just have to add a foot popping smooch to the beach! How did Cannon get to be casual while everyone else dressed up? The beaches and the people on them are beautiful!

cold cocoa said...

Fun! Looks like a great time.

Sheree said...

Your girls are beautiful! And it was fun to see your side of the family all grown up! Is that Shannon? What a fun trip!