Saturday, May 11, 2013

Life in a Pit-house

I took the younger batch to the Fremont Indian State Park

 We toured the museum and exhibits and learned about the Natives that used to live in these parts. Yes, as always the creepy lady was there--a life sized replica of a Fremont indian woman inside a glass cubicle with a recorded voice that tells about her life. Cannon hid behind the safety of my legs until I told him she was not real.  "Wait, did she just say, 'I'm going to get you Cannon' ..."
We ran over to the children's zone where they had a model of a pit-house for us to play in. Also there was  a nice selection of children's books about Indian folktales. The kids warmed my heart with, "Mom read us a story in the pithouse!"  This is why the younger batch is so fun. Adrie served us some berries and ground up corn-meal and Cannon shot a deer that we roasted over our pretend fire. Then it was off to the great outdoors.

Our first time on this particular trail, we saw enough evidence to rename it the 100 Dingleberries trail.  Cave was cool though, and actually had Indian handprints on the walls, just not actually 100 of them. 

Cannon spotted a squirrel and several lizards darted across the trail.  We made Indian names for each other. Adrie was Jewel Eyes,  Cannon decided he liked Silly Squirrel, and Adrie named me not Running Deer or Majestic Eagle but Blue Badger.  I bought her rock candy anyway.


Michelle said...

Blue Badger, huh? Not Water Walker or Rain Dancer? I'd like to be Falling Leaf or Light Bringer. Sounds like a really fun trip.

Sherie Christensen said...

Another good adventure! Sounds fun!

Megan said...

Blue Badger, haha! I love this. I would undoubtedly be Green Goat. What a fun outing with your younger batch. I remember visiting Fremont with my family; looks like someplace to put on my list of Places To Take The Guys.