Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer Games UTAH

Spent a great weekend in Cedar City with just girls. Brynn and her good friends Brinley and Melissa (also competing) her mom, little baby AND myself might seem like a big group but compared to all the kids and dads we left at home it felt like a VACATION --and we lived it up like one. We enjoyed everything from the Opening Ceremonies to the Awards ceremony and everything in between.

Opening Ceremonies featured entertainment from a Beatles inspired rock band, the athletes march-in, a parade of flags, and a stupendous firework show.
 Brynn and her team proudly marching in with their Big Rock banner
 Sitting on the sidelines listening before they got the courage to "Twist and Shout"

Pre-competition day fun included swimming, shopping, eating out, the park and Maleficent at the theatre.

Then it was Competition time. Brynn and Melissa competed in level 4 gymnastics.

The results were in: vault: 9.25, beam 9.35, bars 9.3, floor 9.05
With a total score of 36.95 Brynn placed 2nd overall and came home with a silver medal. She was very happy with her results.

 Competing were gyms from St. George, Cedar City, Nevada, Tooele and Salt Lake
All in all a proud day for us and a LOT of fun!

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