Sunday, June 22, 2014

Win Some Lose Some

1. Summer can really start now because we got a pool.

 This little thing plus a few hundred filled balloons was all it took for the backyard to become POOL PARTY CENTRAL.

2.  We lost our tramp.  It blew away in a wind gust, landed on it's side and completely self-destructed! Kate watched it happen from the window. We are all saddened by the loss but temporarily appeased and distracted with the pool. 
3. The girls dip-dyed their hair with Kool-aid. Kate's turquoise hue already washed out and so did Brynn's. Adrie's corvette red is stickin' however. She did some internet research and found it might not wash out for a looong time. I think it's cute and fun but she has been having dyer's remorse.  
 4. Like last summer, each kid will take a turn picking an activity for the week--something that will fit on a Wednesday afternoon and in addition to the siblings, can include a friend of their choice.  The list of possibilities includes: bowling alley, bakery, movie theater, pool, mountains, lake, park, hair salon and whatever else the kids can come up with. Cannon got to pick first because he is the youngest. He chose the park-- one slightly out of town and therefore new and fun. After we went for out donuts.  Next Wednesday it's Adrie's turn.
 5. Our county now has a Farmer's Market--Yay!  With all these farmers around it was about time I have a chance to buy some farm fresh goods--plus we still don't have a garden --only garden boxes-- which is at least one step closer than we were last year. Entertainment included belly dancing by my friend here. Further proof that this was an exciting place to be, the kids got to pet a bearded dragon lizard.
Farm Fest was a success. With my $16 we got some peas, peaches, ice cream cones, tamales, fresh eggs, a glass of lemonade and a one-minute massage.  All in all a pretty great way to spend a Saturday morning.

6. While Dad and I were on a date to the temple, the younger kids went to the pool with the neighbors.
Cannon (age 6) surprised everyone and went off the high dive! My neighbor is sending me pictures(or I hardly would believe.)

7. Kate has kept the kitchen busy this summer cooking up all kinds of pinteresty things like birthday cake chex mix.  This week we will be sending her off to Girl's Camp!!!

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