Saturday, August 9, 2014


Ridiculously lucky me got a free 2-week Baltic Cruise above Britain's luxury liner the Queen Victoria. As Brandon says, everyone should have a sister that's a travel agent.  I didn't have much notice--I had a few days to decide, book a flight, pack, and get my kids all situated for school. It was almost enough to keep me home but my adventurous side prevailed. We saw the world, had a lot of fun, and definitely have no regrets.

We flew from LAX straight to London, watching movies all night. From there, in our sleep-deprived state we went straight to sightseeing.
 From the airport we rode the "tube" downtown and took a double-decker sight-seeing bus all over the city past buildings modern and sleek to old and ornate. It seemed the whole world was visiting London the same day!

 Tower of London was commemorating the anniversary of WWI with a bounty of poppies.

 Cruising the river Thames


Traditional English fish and chips.
For running on no-sleep and only with limited time, I think we did pretty well at taking in all the key sights of London. Next time I would like to tour Buckingham Palace. We spent the night at a Holiday Inn, enjoyed a typical British breakfast of tiny things--pancakes, little honey pots, herbal tea with a little milk and sugar and we discovered a British breakfast favorite, Wheetabix.

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