Sunday, August 3, 2014

County Fair

It was a busy week at our house in preparation for the county fair. The kids were slaving away with modeling clay, markers, paintbrushes, and poetry skills. 

 Kate's 1st place entry

 Adrie's pink sunset won 2nd place. She won first place for a story she entered.
This was Cannon's first year to be eligible to enter. He worked long and hard perfecting his lego sculpture which won a 2nd place ribbon. It was also my first year. I entered my 2013 12x12 digital scrapbook and won a first place ribbon. It was the only entry in it's category, lucky me.

 "If pigs could fly" by Brynn, 1st place. She entered the most times in our family with a bracelet, frame, ceramic toad, and a poem. All of them won first and the bracelet, second--a total of $20 in prize money.
The county fair. It's a family tradition!

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