Sunday, December 28, 2014

Feliz Navidad

Before and ...


We woke up to a white Christmas! Never before have I begged for snow like this year.

In the spirit of Copenhagen, everyone got bikes.

This guy was delighted with his lego sets. He spent the next 100 hours putting them together, with some help from Mom and big sister Brynn.  Granted there were some tears and frustration, probably because in his concentration he forgot to eat all day. The rest of us enjoyed caramel sticky buns for breakfast and leftover Christmas Eve fare.

In addition to Santa's givings, Sofie had her own pile of  Danish presents from friends and relatives. 
We thought it fitting to gift her Richfield-opoly which our city council created and was selling in honor of our 150th year. 

Adrie kept busy with her Lego cruiseship, also receiving help from big sister.  Everyone got warm fuzzy blankets this year, each a different color. 

If anyone had bicycle withdrawals, it was Sofie. She was glad to be back on wheels since arriving here 4 months ago. She and Kate went on a very long and adventurous bikeride on Christmas day. I only know it was adventurous because of the huge mud splatters they came home with. 

If Cannon had his Legos, Dad had this to put together. Brynn and Kate got this basketball thingy. 8 hours later we were having tons of fun. Our basement is now complete. We should have parties every weekend.

Dad got running shoes and a book. I got the biggest suitcase the North Pole could make. My most favorite present this year came as a complete surprise. A couple days before Christmas a package arrived par avion. It was from our friends from England that I met on my cruise this summer. Inside was this adorable Nativity that came in a box from a city in Germany. They had remembered that I loved Nativities and collected them. I am still in awe of their thoughtfulness!!!

We also suprised the kids with one more gift. In the music room, in a big box, was a new outdoor trampoline (to replace the one that blew away last summer.) This one will be staked down! Surprises are the best. 

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