Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Making the Most of Winter Break

The day after a wonderful Christmas we suddenly found ourselves in Salt Lake City. It was one of those spontaneous times when you start planning that perfect day in the city: temple square, shopping, dinner, ice skating and a movie! A last minute deal on a hotel sealed the deal. I announce to the family that we've had a change of plans, everyone get packed. And they did. 

We just had to see Temple Square. What kind of host parents would we be if we did not take our exchange student to the state's top Christmas attraction at this time of year?
We made it, albeit on the coldest day of the year so far, 30 F. 

 Joining us were my sister and her kids, visiting from CA and AZ.  

 This is where Brandon and I were married 17 years ago

Everyone in the city was dining out. We couldn't get into a restaurant anywhere. Finally we settled on Chuck-a-rama with only a 40 minute wait. It was all worth it for the hot scones and amazing selection of specialty drinks. 

Then it was off to the hotel to thaw out and sleep. We stayed at the Red Lion which was clean, classy, and modern but inviting.  The beds were especially luxurious. 

They gave us a free upgrade to a room on the 9th floor  and we awoke to a lovely view of the city. 

After our free hot breakfast at the hotel diner it was off to do some shopping at the Gateway. Every year Brandon's parents give us the gift of book shopping and dinner.  Each of the kids found a book and they have been found in cozy spots around the house reading ever since, a heartwarming sight for a mother. 

The day was just beginning.  We went ice skating amidst the skyscrapers of the city at the Gallivan Center. It was crowded and cold! But the excitement of speeding around the rink soon warmed us all up. Even Cannon got the hang of it. 

The smell of San Francisco Sourdough pizza across the street drew us in like a magnet. We shared "Nob Hill." A nice fellow diner gave us an extra coupon for a free extra pizza he had to help us feed our "large group." It was very kind of him and we used it gratefully. 

Last on our city-to-do list was a movie. We warmed up and relaxed with kettle corn and watched "Guardians of the Galaxy." The kids thought it was hilarious. 

Just before heading home we visited my sisters family one last time for some treats and games. 
Our little Ninja Angels had one last hurrah. 

What a fun trip!  We have woken up to fresh snow both nights. The kids have been making the most of it while I have stayed in doors nursing a miserable cold/cough/sinus infection.  Here's to finishing Christmas break with a lot of reading and movies.  Happy New Year in 2015. 

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Sherie Christensen said...

Here I am at home catching up on your posts while you are off cruising somewhere. I hope you are having a marvelous time! I enjoyed reading about all of your Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Christmas Vacation adventures. You are amazing!