Sunday, June 7, 2015

Getting There

For Memorial Day we went to spectacular Calf Creek Falls. Getting there, was just as beautiful and deserved its own post. Here is a glimpse of what we saw from Scenic Byway 12. They don't call it SCENIC for nothing.
 Terrain went from the desert up to the forested mountains topping almost 10,000 ft.
Kids (and myself) were carsick *NOTE--never watch movies in the backseat on such curvy roads)  We stopped here where the crisp mountain air cured everyone's ails.

Had I been on a bike, I would have dozens of pictures of the lovely scenery we saw--fresh green, Ireland like meadows and streams, red rocky ravines, rocks and boulders towering like castle cut outs... But Brandon was the driver and we had to get to our destination.  He did stop at a few overlooks for us--which is about twice as many as my dad would have done on our road trips growing up:)
 We passed through all kinds of little interesting towns like Escalante, Torrey, Boulder, Tropic, and the youngest one's favorite for good reason, Cannonville.

Utah is a pretty great state.

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