Sunday, June 7, 2015



Everyone was sad to see Sofie go back home to Denmark. She was part of the family. She was everyone's favorite sister. 
She made me think twice before yelling at the kids to do their chores! At the same time, it was exciting to see her start off on a new life adventure. We know we will see her again.

She left us with gifts and surprised us with a scrapbook she had made about our year.

Sofie's flight left early in the morning.  We all went back to the hotel, a little teary-eyed, and went back to bed.

I had planned a fun day at Lagoon, so we could drown our sorrows in churros and coasters.
However, upon driving there, we found out that it was CLOSED.
What a sad day it was turning out to be!

 It is always good to have a plan B.  We ended up at the trampoline park and that was pretty fun too.

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