Saturday, September 20, 2008

Attention City Slickers!

You know how sometimes you just need a change of scenery?! Well, thank goodness for Saturdays. We decided to take a fun family trip to our nearest mountain getaway. It's so great to be able to hop in the car and drive 15 minutes before the view changes completely. Trees, hills, rocks, wildlife (in the form of roadkill, sadly.) We ascended up the mountain to about 10,000 feet--try marathon training at that altitude!
The view of the valley below was amazing. It was like being in an airplane. We could see the little patchwork of farms below while being practically in the clouds. At that point we turned into a forest of quaking aspens, which were a lovely golden hue. Then we saw it--the strikingly blue Fish Lake.

We ate the lunch we packed along the lakeshore trail and did some walking. Our girls had fun finding treasures: rocks, leaves, old animal bones?, The lake water was so tempting to wade in but they found out quickly it was FREEZING cold. No water skiing here.

I think all the girls got some one-on-one with mom and dad and some good family bonding. We all found our mountain experience to be extremely refreshing!
Any of you city slickers that need a change of scenery--or just want to do some marathon training--come on up!


T said...

great pictures! We keep looking for a weekend to take off and hike... but we seem to be booked until conference weekend!

Anika said...

That looks like fun! That is what we like to do in the Fall. I think we went to Fish Lake with you guys a long time ago? In the red mazda that semi-broke down on the way? Or some mixed memory..

Michelle said...

I definitely remember our trip to Fish Lake. I think there was an e-mail miscommunication and you were very gracious about our showing up one Sat. morning. I received a mental health evaluation and T was given the go ahead to continue dating me. Should have been more thorough BD :). Anyway, it was a really great day and the Subway sandwiches were tasty. Ah, Fish Lake; what a great place to have so relatively close.

Megz said...

I love fall hikes. Way to take advantage of the local scenery. I always think how lucky we are to be so close to mountains to hike in. What do people in Kansas do?

Sher said...

Your hike sounded like a good one and nice for the whole family. Mountains are beautiful and I love a good view from up high.