Friday, September 26, 2008


Brandon and I have been doing our yoga 3x/week for how many weeks now? Maybe 3. We are big fans. Brandon is sure he can run faster and shoot better on the court--sure, why not. And I, well I am feeling quite empowered myself. I feel like I can do things I once only reserved for the man of the house--like taking out the garbages and filling up the car with gas. I think our excitement has rubbed off on Cannon. Here is a basic intro to yoga:

2. From upward dog , straighten the back, look forward.
This is PLANK. Do a pushup here, if you want to.

3. Keeping hands and feet flat on the floor, lift the buttocks skyward and look down.
Finish by returning to position one: UPWARD DOG. Ohhhhmmmm, don't forget to clear your mind and BREATHE. Do 6 of reps of this routine before bed and you'll be sleeping like a baby. Ha!! If only Cannon slept like a baby--he's more like a 2 a.m. alarm clock that won't go off.


T said...

I am always amazed at the flexibility of little ones... how come downward facing dog is so much harder when you become mobile?

He looks like he's about ready to become more mobile himself!

Thanks for the foil dinner tips BTW - they're off camping and I'm trying to keep the rest of the kids from hurting one another!

Megz said...

Maybe Cannon and I can have a plank-off. That's one of my favorites.
I want to see you and B show off your flexibility and inner peace. Let's do a yoga session next time you're around.

cold cocoa said...

That's funny! Babies and yoga do have a lot in common. I always liked the tree pose. I agree with Megan- let's do a family yoga session next visit! You guys will lead and we'll do it out on the parents' lawn.

LC said...

Alright, we're on as long as cc is going to show us some of her dance your way to fitness moves!

Michelle said...

I might join as long as there is no laughing and pointing from the male and child onlookers that are sequestered to the tv room with some Scooby-doo monster mystery.