Sunday, November 9, 2008

All Vacations Must End

How do I condense such a super fun week? Maybe, by saying I think I could live in St. George.
  1. The weather is great (in the winter)
  2. family lives there (hi t!)
  3. You can have palm trees in your yard!
  4. My favorite stores are all within 20 minutes of each other (shall I list a few....Target, Costco, Kohl's, Taipan, Old Navy and I just found out....Coldwater Creek! YUM)
  5. Close-er to the beach and airport
Reasons not to live there...

  1. Farther from the whole rest of the fam.
  2. I like to shop too much. Did I mention all my favorite stores are there?!
  3. Maybe I should visit in July
Here's a little sum up of what we did with my parents, my niece (Annie), and her very cute 2 yr old boy. He and Adrie hit it off like peanut butter and jam. I heard her say to her new little pal, "C'mon trophy boy!" And he followed right after. Where did she come up with that too true phrase??? Anyway, back to the re-cap of condo life in Dixie...

SWIM, SHOP, EAT, YOGA, HIKE, SWIM, SHOP, EAT, YOGA, HIKE.....Throw in a couple of naps and some pickleball and you have a recipe for a pretty sweet vacation.

Photos from left to right: Mom and Annie looking fabulous in chocolate suede from C.Creek.

K and B learned to swim in a basic doggy-style way. Cannon AKA "barnacle baby" was not so fond of the water. He just wanted to cling and lick our wet shoulders.

I drove around town to get some xeriscaping ideas: fake grass and rocks--I'm a fan! Any way to get a palm tree and fountain in the mix?

This is licorice not hives. Maybe it's not good for babies but one little piece of red licorice entertained cannon from cedar to st. george! I'm a fan.

Can we still call it hiking if it's on a paved flat road? the girls collected so many special rocks their bags broke.

BTW: PICKLEBALL is like tennis on a mini court: lots of volleys, less running. I'm a fan.

Oh yes. We watched the historical election of Obama on TV and saw Oprah raving about it for the next few days. (For a good political read, I recommend we're wingin it's blog.)


Megz said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Never head of pickleball but I'm sensing a new reunion activity.
I thought Coldwater Creek was an old lady catalog, but maybe that's because I only see it at my MIL's house. Next time I'll peek inside and see if they have some chocolate suede for me!

LC said...

It's true old-er ladies are shopping in there but it's the best place to find modest classy--long skirts with fabulous matching jewelery--just go straight to the clearance rack.

cold cocoa said...

Sounds like heaven! I could use some hotness and outside time about right now.
I also want to go to Tai Pan sometime...glad you guys had fun!

Sher said...

Warm weather is a nice thing for a vacation. I'm glad you had a fun adventure.

T said...

CC - you're welcome to come down and check out Tai Pan with me... I need to go back already, I finally got a coupon that I can use there!!!

glad you came - glad the weather was okay, it got a little better this morning, but the wind just picked up :(