Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween, Hurling, and other Happenings

Here is Brynn the witch. After hurling a dozen times during the day she felt ready enough to trick-or-treat at a few houses.

I spent the day in bed listening to Brynn throw up and wanting to myself. As soon as I smelled Cannon's poopy diaper, I lost it too.

The Healthy ones, "Invisi-Girl" from the Incredibles and Piglet at least got to go to the neighborhood Halloween party during the day. Dad came home from work not feeling so great himself. He took Adrie to a few houses then came home and went to bed. Kate went along with the neighbors who trekked the entire town. She came home with a big loot which she has been kind enough to share.

Could you believe the weather this year--trick or treating in short sleeves? We were sure that would result in hoardes of children taking hoardes of candy. But, we only gave out about 50 pieces--a little more than last year. Hopefully they didn't get the flu bug with their snickers ( I let them pick it out of the bowl themselves.)
Other happenings of the week:

Brynn's new hobby: headstands. She loves her gymnastics class and is pretty good at it. She spends lots of time on her head. Sometimes I have to give her other stuff to do so that her BRAIN will have a chance to grow.

Customer Appreciation Day at the Tech's Cosmetology Dept. = Free Hairstyles and Pedicures for us.
I enjoyed the pedicure while the girls had their hair done. Ahhhh. The girls felt pretty but not happy enough to want to pose together.

Oh, the adventures we take when family comes to town. My sister Shannon and her son Parker came to visit. After an 8 hour drive, a hike in fresh mountain air was just what they needed. This is a view of our little valley from the water tower. (How many church steeples can you find?) Per tradition, we went to dinner at Sandy's for the best PB shakes and fries. ---This is the one occasion when my sister takes a vacation from her health nut-i-ness. (This week she taught me that baking powder is practically poison.)
Shannon and Parker are moving from AZ to SLC to live with my parents and help take care of them. This pretty much escalates her to the status of Saint-hood so we felt the least we could do is treat them to dinner.
Next week she will be leaving for a weekend trip to join my brother and volunteer with a medical team in Mexico. One of these years I will join them.
We will also be leaving to spend a fun week in St. George with my parents. See you there t?


T said...

We're expecting you - and I've even put off a trip to Tai Pain knowing that you'd be coming :)

Hopefully the hurling part of your holidays is all in the past and you can enjoy an extra hour of sleep tonight with no interruptions!

cold cocoa said...

What's wrong with baking powder? Is it a chemical or something?

Anyway, poor you and fun to be sick on Halloween!

Megz said...

Halloween seems to be a common time to be sick--sorry you had to be common. Hopefully it's behind you and you can party in the big south.
Very nice sister to watch over your parents. Definitely worth a dinner!

LC said...

Baking soda is full of chemicals, one of them being aluminum, which my sister said causes Alzheimer's. I told her that could be countered by learning a foreign language.... ?

LC said...

I mean baking POWDER sorry.
I'm still using it.

Sher said...

I'm sorry you all got sick on Halloween. That must have been miserable. It was nice that your neighbors could take the healthy ones around for the rest of trick or treating.