Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dear Santa,

Mom read us a story yesterday about Laura Ingalls in the Big Woods and how she and her sisters only got peppermint sticks and mittens for Christmas and Laura got a rag doll named Charlotte too. Mom thought that sounded so simple and wonderful. Brynn scowled and wanted to know why you were meaner back then. Kate wondered when you were invented and has there only been one of you or do you get old and die and then there is a new Santa?
Sorry, Cannon didn't like you at the family party. He usually likes everyone.

Adrie and sisters.

p.s. we still want American Girl Dolls


cold cocoa said...

Yep, back in the good ol' days, when an orange and nuts and a little violin music would make the best Christmas.

I do love Little House on the Prairie show and can't help but think those treats in Olsen's store had to have been the best because that's all there was.

T said...

I don't even want to imagine what Christmas morning would be like if my kids woke to a tin cup, a peppermint stick, oranges and nuts - and Pa on the violin...

I WISH I could say it would be wonderful... I WISH I believed they'd be happy as clams... I WISH Santa was still just that mean and that the focus was where it belonged.

For now we'll work on getting a little closer to simplicity with each passing year!

Megz said...

I wonder if we shouldn't just do gifts in timely increments so everything is given it's due share of attention. You know...stockings at 8 (of course we'll be sleeping in that late!), clothing item at 10, major toy at 4 pm so we'll have something to last us the rest of the day. That may be hard w/ the new undies Noelle is getting, but that way they won't get overlooked.