Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Santa Called

Dad told the girls that Santa called and wanted to know their FINAL decision on what they want for Christmas. Did they want the pretty (and pricey) American Girl dolls or the (bargain version at Target which would come with it's own pony to ride and still be HALF the price)--(please oh pretty please choose this option)

Kate and Brynn told Dad to give Santa the message that they would like the American Girls. Kate would like "Josefina" and Brynn would like "Julie." Adrie wanted "Baby Alive" which I am hoping means any cute baby and not one that does peeing and pooing--Hello! We already have one of those named Cannon.
So, it's time to make the girls' dreams come true. Google coupons? free shipping codes? Send them my way. We gotta help Santa out. (Santa is at least comforted in thinking about the many hours of wholesome fun they'll be having together)


T said...

I wish I could help you out with the codes... that's more CC's department :)

and yeah, ANOTHER fully functional baby in the house doesn't sound like fun to me either!

cold cocoa said...

I've got to head to Target to see what stock they have of those OG dolls. I say you can't go wrong; they are stylish and who doesn't love a horse?? I'm sure your girls don't realize that there are these other, cool, much cheaper version of the AG dolls, or they'd be lining up to tell Santa...but in case they do cry to see the faux AG dolls, aren't their birthdays coming up in a matter of weeks just after Christmas? Win-win.

Sheree said...

I love AG dolls. Yes, I've spent more on a doll outfit than on my own kids clothes. But they are really fun.

They are expensive, but their hair is fabulous. The Target ones are unbrushable after a few weeks.

I have all kinds of tips and tricks for keeping their hair nice. We've had many doll beauty parlors in this girl-filled house. You'll love them!

AND they really hold their value.

The Kit DVDs have a coupon code for $10 off

cold cocoa said...

I looked on eBay too, but they were going as high as 100 even not entirely new so that isn't an option. 153302 is the coupon code for 10 dollars off. Maybe you can get the real ones, I'll do the fakes, and we'll compare in 6 mo.

LC said...

yeah, I checked out ebay--no deals there! We'll take the plunge with the actual online store and with the coupons--thanks friends! I'll be waiting for those hair-care tips Sheree.

Megz said...

Thankfully the most expensive thing on my boys Christmas list is a LEGOs Mars Mission around 30 bucks. And LEGO hair never gets in the way!
I'm sure the hours of wholesome play and beauty shop will be well worth it in the end. And if not, then you can just list them as 'gently used' on ebay for next year! win win!

stephanie said...

It is always so tough to decide what to do. Addie always begs and begs that she wants something and when she gets it, she plays with it for a week.
I had Samantha AG when I was young and loved it.

LC said...

yeah! welcome steph.

Sher said...

I wanted a Baby Alive one Christmas and got "An Old Fashioned Doll". I was so disappointed but I tried not to show it because my Dad was rather pleased with the one they had bought -- I think it reminded him of me in some way.