Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Reasons to Celebrate

Today we celebrate the birthday of Joseph Smith--which is a tradition we inherited from BD's side of the family. Who wouldn't want one more reason to celebrate this time of year?! We decided to throw a party for the neighborhood kids. If you want to --there's still time to party. Just follow these instructions:

1: Send out invitations a couple of hours ahead: Come celebrate Joseph Smith's Birthday with a Cake Decorating Party. Today at: (time, location, etc.) For free clip-art photos go to mormonshare.com

2. Bake a white cake in a 9x13 pan. When cooled, Cut in half long-ways. With each rectangle cut zig-zag to make triangle shapes--makes 12. Have frosting, gum-drops, m&m's, candy, etc. handy in bowls.

3. Hang up Joseph Smith timeline from the December 2008 issue of the Friend--at your guests eye level.

4. Game: This is like pin the tail on the donkey, except it's pin Joseph on the timeline. Cut out one of the mini Joseph pictures from the clip-art on your invitation for the tail. Blindfold the first player, spin them around, then set them off. Have them read whatever tidbit they land on. Whoever is listening and can answer a question about what they just learn earns an m&m.

5. Decorate cakes. Give a triangle piece of cake on a plate to each guest. This is supposed to look like a mini-tree. Let them decorate it with the frosting, candy, etc. They can eat it or save. TIP: write each guests name on their plate.

6. What kind of games did Joseph play on his birthday? not Wii, not Barbies. Who knows? We played hide and go seek. WARNING: this is a great way to get your closets messed up and your tree knocked over.

7. Send guests outside to throw snowballs at each other. That way you can have some quiet and they can get cold enough to enjoy the hot chocolate you will serve when they come in.

8. Assign the man of the house to dress up in a trenchcoat, and introduce himself as Joseph Smith. He can tell your guests more about his life and request that everyone sing Happy Birthday to him. He can rough-house play with them for a while as a bonus.

9. If the guests still want to stick around you can read a Christmas story then have free time for mingling, playing, and eating the leftover candy decorations.

10. Send everyone home and take a nap. Happy Birthday Joseph Smith!


T said...

has anyone ever told you that all your ambitious party-throwing is making the rest of us look bad?

Way to go - and lots of fun ideas... maybe next year?

Megz said...

BD's family never did THAT! All I remember is having a yucky dinner akin to shepherd's pie and a cake.
Your version sounds a lot more fun. And a lot more work. I like the two hours notice. No time for anyone to really be in a quandry of whether or not to bring a present?

cold cocoa said...

That is fun of you! Especially so close to Christmas. Isabelle's party was Monday and I almost thought that was a bit much. Darn- I should have sent them all out in the snow!
I really like the idea of the cameo by Joseph Smith. Fun.

cold cocoa said...

PS. Cannon looks so cute in that picture to the left!