Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Bonnie Brynn

Brynn celebrated her 8th birthday last week. What a fabulous day it was, starting with fruity Trix in bed, and ending with a late night party with friends.
Brynn was excited to get some smokin' hot pink rollerblades. Now she can derby with the best of them.I went to Brynn's class to pass out treats and read a story, "Bony Legs." They were so cute, and except for a few random comments like, "Brynn is so nice" and "you're pretty," they were really good at listening to the story. Who couldn't love 2nd graders?!Brynn invited a few friends (the siblings sneaked in) over for a build-your-own-ice cream sundae bar and movie night with Shrek Forever After.

It has been a joy to have Brynn in our family. She is the peacemaker in our family, and she can be pretty darn silly too. Here are 8 other fun facts about Brynn.

1. She has a musical laugh. Ever since she was a baby, I have loved her giggles that sound like a bubbling brook.

2. When we chose Brynn's name, we were looking for something that would go with the middle name Bonnie, after her very wonderful grandma. We thought the name Brynn would be perfect. It was fun and different but not weird and we didn't know of anyone else by that name. Ironically, we now live on a street with 3 Brynn's--all different spelling variations but all the exact same age!

3. Call it picky or particular, Brynn is very selective in her sense of style. She has to have her hair just so and outfits. She might say a shirt is cute, but she wouldn't wear it because it's "not her style." She needs to go into fashion design. She will dream up all kinds of outfits and accessories that she would like, and that unless she learns to sew, might never "materialize."

4.Brynn quickly obeys. She is every mother's dream. If I tell her it's time to practice, she might grumble for a minute, but she gets out her violin and gets busy. If the house were on fire, and I told the kids to run, she'd probably be the only one to make it out in time.

5. Brynn has a natural ability in most every sport she's tried. Her favorite is gymnastics. She wants to be BYU cheerleader. (That would be the only draw for me to attend a game -- or okay if any of your kids were playing AND they weren't covered up in all that gear so I could actually recognize them, AND if the games were like 30 minutes instead of 3 hours in the freezing cold and...okay back to Brynn)

6. Brynn was born by c-section, and she didn't come out easily. The doctor kept trying to pull her out and she kept wriggling out of his grasp. It finally took 2 doctors pulling to weasel her out, and when she came out she screamed--that wonderful newborn kind of scream that lets you know you have a healthy baby and brings tears to your eyes like a faucet that you didn't even know you'd turned on.

7. You know how after they're born you get to see your baby for a second but then they whisk her away and do whatever they have to do with her? Well, after what seemed like a long time of all that plus stitching me up etc. they finally handed me my pretty pink baby--and I looked at her and my first thought was, "I don't think this one's mine. She doesn't look anything like me. Actually, she looks a lot like the lady in the room next to mine that just delivered."
Yah, the nurse and Brandon, ended up convincing me that this was , in fact, mine, and Obviously! Anyone who sees Brynn now could tell she is definitely mine.

8. When I was about 6 months pregnant with Brynn, I was saying my usual prayers, when I had this warm feeling come over me that this girl that would be joining our family was a very special spirit from heaven. I've always been grateful to remember that Heavenly Father really loves Brynn.

We love her too. This weekend she will be baptized a member of the LDS church and be able to receive all the blessings that come with that. Congratulations, Brynn!


Michelle said...

So proud of Brynn for her choice. She really is a special girl and we love her so much. Her party sounded like tons of fun.

cold cocoa said...

Brynn is awesome! Happy Birthday. We're excited to go tomorrow. How on earth did you get 3 Brynns? We do have one in our ward and she's 2. It is a great name!

Sher said...

Very well done. I loved how well you wrote the eight things about your wonderful girl. I enjoyed learning more about her. Maybe I should ask her for fashion advice.

T said...

this is so beautifully written... a perfect blend of making me smile and making me tear up just a tad :)

congrats on reaching the big #8 Brynn! So proud of you!!!

Megz said...

She definitely is your daughter!
I like how tactful she is when declining an outfit--Not My Style is so much nicer than It's Ugly, Mom.
Happy Birthday to Brynn!

stephanie said...

so funny that you didn't think she was yours. Out of all of your children she looks the most like you.

Happy birthday Brynn! Happy Baptism!