Saturday, April 30, 2011

Women's Superpower Conference

This weekend I joined my mom and 18,000 of my closest friends for BYU Women's Conference! Talk about re-charching the batteries! I'm on a spiritual high--not to be confused with a BYU mint brownie high.
No longer am I going to be the crabby mean mom, the naggy complaining wife, the slacker visiting teacher. Heck no! I've returned a new woman. That 2 days of inspired counsel and motivation--and mint brownies-- were just what I needed to become the amazing woman I was meant to be.

Here are some of the notes I took:
Keep it Small. Keep it simple. Give it Time. During adverse growing conditions, trees slow down and FOCUS on the ESSENTIALS. (Virginia Hinckley Pearce)
When you look at others with their lands and gold, Think that Christ has promised you his wealth untold. Count your many blessings money cannot buy. Your reward in heaven nor your home on high. ..Count your many blessings see what God hath done. (Hymn #241)
The only person I need to be better than is the person I was yesterday. (Barbara Thompson)
Live the "As If" principle. Treat everyone "As If" they are your best friend (Kathy K. Clayton)
Nurturing, Teaching, Influencing; These are our SACRED DUTIES as mothers that can't be delegated.
Mine is a home where every hour is blessed by the strength of Priesthood power.(Julie B. Beck)
Besides motherhood, visiting teaching can have the greatest influence for good. Be a friend, visit often, be prepared to make sacrifices, and don't let the "mists of busyness" distract you. A good home teacher brings a toolbox because no woman will turn away a man with a toolbox in hand. (Bridgette B. Server and Mary Ellen Edmunds)
Some lesser known phrases from the church manual's definition of abuse: constant criticizing, belittling, inducing feelings of guilt. (Lolly and Russell T. Osguthorpe)
Retire early, wake up early, get adequate nutrition, exercise, scriptures and prayers.
We could learn a lot from a drip irrigation system: steadiness in small things done consistently is the key (Susan and David A. Bednar)

During breaks we walked around campus and inhaled fresh blossomy air! (except on that day we had to wear coats--and darn it I was wearing such a cute shirt underneath)
This is my dream backyard. Isn't it lovely? I think if I could just pick up my house and put it in the neighborhood across the street I could totally live here. BD could ride his bike over to campus counsel stressed-out students and teach a class or two. I could skip over and audit all the classes I wanted. We'd go to plays and concerts and ball games. You could park at our house for women's conference (cuz it's CRAZY in those parking lots) and when your kids went to college they could rent a room in the basement! You could fund all our BYU study abroad trips! Just a thought??!!!

Thursday night we were THOROUGHLY entertained with a stellar line-up. Performances were by David Osmond, Hillary Weeks, Jenny Oaks Baker (never knew the violin could be played like THAT!) Josh Wright (never knew the PIANO could be played like THAT!) Cherie Call, April Meservy, Vocal Point, Kirby Heybourne emceed and said we all smelled so good.

And I know this is getting lengthy! You've probably given up but I just have to mention this one FREAKY moment and ask if this has happened to anyone else. I looked over a few rows and saw my TWIN! Seriously this girl had my same hair, cut and color, same profile and was wearing my same jacket. I kept staring, bewildered, and in a moment of pure freakiness I felt like I was out of my body WATCHING me from a distance. Hoooooly weird-- What is in those brownies?? Shouldn't we have taken our pictures together??? Yeah, that would have been pretty freaky for HER! (Plus she'd probably think SHE was the cute one.)

Anyway, it was a great time and I'm just going to throw in this photo of my nephew (aka little brother) and his little guy,both of whom we haven't seen in years! They weren't at women's conference ! Phew! No! They were back at mom's house and visiting from AZ, My other nephew was visiting from NYC. Too bad I didn't get a photo of him. Just picture a totally handsome, totally available good Mormon guy who just graduated with his MBA and just landed a great job in Manhattan. Woohoo. (Call if interested and I can totally hook you up.)

It's great to be a mom and wife again!!


Megz said...

I was reading all the news articles on Women's Conference and thinking how I always mean to round up some people and go but never do. Sounds like a good time. Weird about your doppelganger. Did your mom think she looked just like you too?

cold cocoa said...

I wish you would have taken a picture of that lady! I'm glad you feel spiritually nourished now. How invigorating!

Sher said...

Going with your mom to women's conference sounded fun. Thanks for sharing your notes and your enthusiasm. I somehow missed that women's conference was even happening!

Emily Bogh said...

I am so glad you could go and thanks for the recap, it sounds like you had a wonderful time.

TisforTonya said...

Man - I would have loved to see a pic of you and your doppelganger!

glad you got to go and sum it all up for those of us who were stuck at home... wishing... but warmer :)