Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Feeling Patriotic: Part 1

Our Independence Day celebration was fabulous. Not just because we had heaven-sent cloud-cover during the entire parade and a rainstorm to cool us off in the afternoon. We ended up spontaneously sharing the day with our good friends and neighbors. We had them over for homemade peach ice cream and fish (read on) and they had us over for a fruity flag cake and hotdogs.
We had an American Idol Wii Karaoke Competition. Wish I had a video of us all doing the Bohemian Rhapsody. We had SO much fun we vowed to make it a 4th of July tradition.
We finished the day with sparklers and the nightime firework display.

Brynn was very excited to ride on a float in this year's parade. We were NOT going to participate in that annual kids fish grab thing at the park but we just happened to be there at the park eating sno-cones, when the mayhem was about to begin. Adrie and Brynn fought their way through the crowds and came out with a couple ofTHESE! A friendly citizen hanging out nearby gutted the trout for us and gave me instructions on how to COOK them on the grill? So we did!
It was so disgusting and adventurous all at the same time that we just had to try it. Now we know what it tastes like to catch rainbow trout and cook it--it tastes like a river with a lot of dirt.

Saturday's Children's Parade down Main Street

My mom came down to see Brandon and Adria perform in our local patriotic musical, "Field of Stars." They did a fantastic job which I will save for the next post.We took my mom to our favorite little mountain get-away, Maple Grove. Brynn stalked a trout in the stream and after a few attempts actually CAUGHT IT WITH HER BARE HANDS. Pure craziness, but look how proud she is. This one we did NOT eat. She threw it back and we watched it slowly recover from shock and wriggle back to freedom.God Bless America!


Sher said...

I can't say your description of the taste of the fish makes me want to try it any time soon -- but then again I don't really like eating fish anyhow. I'm glad you had such a fun day. I can't believe Brynn caught a fish from a river with her hands! Tell her that Aunt Sher thinks she's really brave because I don't even like to touch fish and so I probably would NOT catch them on purpose!

stephanie said...

Why would anyone want to a hold a fish? Addie thinks it is great. But I do love to eat fish!
Happy 4th! It looks like a great day
btw,I am feeling quite patriotic listening to your playlist.

Megz said...

I think Brandon and Adria need to save those for Halloween costumes.
It sounds like you had a splendid weekend.

cold cocoa said...

Looks very fun. Are you saying that there is a part 2 to all of this?
Great job B and A!