Sunday, July 10, 2011

Videos: Patriotic Part 2

I love a guy who can sing and dance!

Here is Brandon in this year's production of Field of Stars--which by the way--is a musical about the founding of our country. It is written by a very talented lady in our town and would make the founding fathers (and Glenn Beck) so proud!

Three years ago, Brandon was riding his bike to work when this lady (who was also in our ward) stopped him and gave him a part in her musical right then and there. You just have to say yes to Sister Thompson, so that's how he made it to the stage. How's that for casting?! Brandon started the first year as Paul Revere. The next year he was the Preacher. This year Mrs. Thompson wrote special role to sync the play together and make it more concise and understandable. She knew just who she wanted to play this important role--Brandon, and that is how he became the Schoolteacher. "I kept hearing him saying the lines as I was writing." She told us later. So, this part was especially for him and he really did a great job with it. Adrie joined Brandon and became the littlest crew member. She loved every minute of it.
We're feeling more patriotic than ever around here. Enjoy the clips!

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stephanie said...

that looks like a lot of fun! hooray for Brandon and Adrie!