Friday, July 29, 2011

I Heart H20

I love the water. I love to be in it, on it, or right next to it where the waves lap on the shore. I love all water sports, although it's been years since I had the chance to enjoy them...So I had to HUG, HUG, HUG my friend when she invited us to go boating with them. We had a super fun day!!!

The water at Piute Reservoir was unusually calm--smooth as glass, in fact and perfect conditions for us to try out a few firsts.

Brynn's first time knee-boardingMy first time wake-boarding.Once the wind picked up and the water got choppier, it was time for the tube.No mercy for me and my teenaged friends. We had were having the ride of lifetime, screaming the whole time until we got flipped off.
My arms were so tired from hanging on for dear life that I couldn't even lift a drink to my lips--still can't. Good thing I drank plenty of lake water!Our church youth group showed up later in the day with another boat, some kayaks, and a water weenie.When we weren't on the boat, the kids had fun playing on the shore. They collected a plateful of crawdads. They chased a couple of lizards and saw a snake. With their lifejackets on they could walk out in the water and float around out there.The water level was extra high this year so that some of the trees and bushes were submerged, with just their leafy tops showing. This made for some fun kayak maneuvering.One last ride, this one a little more gentle.

Yep, I think we could do this every weekend. Anyone want to go in with us on a 26 ft. sooped up Sea Ray with accessories?


stephanie said...

that looks like fun!

cold cocoa said...

It does look like fun. I'll have to try that someday.

Megz said...

Who knew there was a Piute Resevoir? Looks like you were in heaven. Good job on the wakeboarding. I have yet to be successful there.

Sher said...

Great job wakeboarding. I don't have enough muscles to stand up I think. I'm glad you had a good time.

TisforTonya said...

awesome fun! you'd better not ask about sharing boat costs for a few years yet... because I'm sure ManOfTheHouse would be trying to find a way to make it work :)