Sunday, September 25, 2011

Country Time Fun

Events of the last week:
The infamous BYU game. BD took Kate and they had a jolly old time. At least the sunset was nice, eh?
Our corny family. You know you're a redneck if you send this as your family Christmas photo.
Merry Christmas everyone!!!
We thought it would be nice to share some family time at the local corn-maze/hoe-down extravaganza, so here are the photos.
You can make up your own caption for this one above.

Fun things to do with hay.
Hay slide.
Mechanical Bull. Bd didn't even stay on long enough for a picture, neither did I...something about our center of gravity...but the girls did pretty well.
Waiting in line for the Redneck Roller Coaster
This is it. It kept breaking down, so we never actually got to ride it. Eat my dust!
The train worked.
More fun things to do with hay. After getting a lot of hay in our shoes and running through the cornmaze, but not far enough to get lost, the girls convinced us to share some ribbon fries and then some funnel cake.
Dictionary time: FUN-l cake: A delicious deep fried, powdered sugar-topped confection you have to try once every 10 years.
Personal Confession: This was my 3rd this year. (Thanks to that layover in Chicago--they know how to make 'em!)

This is Brynn playing in the Utah State Fiddle Competition, right here in town. We didn't know what we were getting into but it was a pretty big deal with some pretty big cash prizes. We're glad we came because Brynn took 3rd in the 0-8 age category. Shucks I'm a proud mama. She won herself 25 bucks and a trophy/frame. She's very happy about the money part.
She played Devil's Dream, Kiss-me Waltz, and Red Wing. The guitarist was her accompanist.
Fun to read sideways, isn't it?
In the evening we went to the Old Time Fiddlers concert where all the 1st place winners in each instrument performed. What a show!!! They say the violin sings and the fiddle dances. We sure got some serious toe-tappin' entertainment.
Another Personal Confession: I love fiddle music, bluegrass, folk, all of it. I love fiddles, guitars, banjos, and mandolins. I'd love to play any or all of them.

We also had the annual ATV Jamboree in town. We don't have ATV's so we don't participate but people come here from all over the world, Europe , NY, to be able to ride our great trails.
Idea! We should house-swap with them for the week!!!

That's all I got. Here's to another week of Country fun.


Megz said...

Awesomeness to Brynn! And way to go on your funnel cake eating. I'm kinda scared of anything deep fried.
Can't wait for the Christmas card. Or does reading your blog mean I won't need to get one in the mail?

stephanie said...

Way to go Brynn. That is really impressive.
I can't wait until we start doing some of our fall activities. I love this time of year.

Sher said...

Go Brynn! That's great! I'm impressed with her brave performing abilities. As usual you have great pictures and it sounded like a good family adventure. Someone was creative with the hay!