Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sweet Home California

I really should be from here. My parents USED to live here, back when they were first married with just 1 or 2 kids. They had met at BYU and moved out there to start my dad's career. He had a really good job with Shell Oil Company. They had a house. My mom would walk a few blocks and spend the day with the kids on the beach. What's not to love? That's how my mom felt but darn it, my dad started to miss his Utah roots. They left it all and came back to Utah (my mom kicking and screaming.)

Ah well, we can't change the past but we can certainly visit as often as possible. Growing up we probably took roadtrips at least once/year. I remember every time, sitting on the beach and crying because I didn't want to leave. Why do I love it so? Again, what's not to love! Water, sand, and sun, and that warm happy feeling that you're home.

So this trip, #321 or so, was fabulous, fabulous. We thought instead of taking two days to drive the whole coast to our favorite beach, we could just fly there directly and spend the time there! That is how our SF coast trip turned into a last-minute Laguna Beach trip. (It's fun to be spontaneous like that when it's just you, your mom, and sister and you're flying stand-by.)

We did all our favorite things like eating creme brulee and watching the amazing sunsets, shopping at Bardot's, early morning walks on the beach and swimming. I never mean to get soaked that early in the morning, it just always happens.
And we added some new things like Balboa Island and Corona Del Mar.
We met some wonderful people. One of which we found out was my mom's cousin!!! Wouldn't it be sweet to have a big ole' family beach Thanksgiving:)

My only low was checking out real estate and finding out that I can't LIVE there.
Unless... (I've been thinking)

  • I or Brandon invent something even more amazing than those Snugglie blankets you watch TV with.?
  • I or Brandon write a best-seller (that would have to be Brandon.)
  • I supplement our income by becoming a world famous brain surgeon
  • I or Brandon join the Coast Guard.
  • We put in an early request for a mission?!
  • Or California could just fall into the ocean and we'd be the new coastline...

Ha Ha. But yay! I'm feeling gladness from having a wonderful time and being back with my husband and kids again!

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cold cocoa said...

Fun! You do need to live out there. So your Mom would live in CA year-round? That would give you plenty of reason to go visit, that's for sure.

Sher said...

I could use a day lying on a nice warm beach, staring at the ocean, getting my feet wet, reading a good book -- or visiting with nice people. That sounds great! I'm glad you got to go.

Megz said...

I like the idea of CA falling in the ocean. Though what would we do with Nevada?
Is your mom really locating? She's one adventurous lady!

stephanie said...

all of your trips to Cali make me rather jealous! I all looks like so much fun! I am happy you get to have these experiences.