Friday, December 23, 2011

Santa Came Already?!!!

Lucky, lucky kids!! Santa came with loads of gifts to visit the kids at our elementary school. He came in by a small plane (saving the sleigh for Christmas) and the kids took a field trip to our little airport to watch him fly in. Very exciting. See those Eagle Scouts seated there in the picture?? They banded together from all over the state and picked our school kids to be the recipients of some early Christmas presents from Santa himself!! What a day! And the kids wondered why some of their teachers were bawling?!

This is our church Christmas party with dinner and a program. See Adrie holding the silver star?The other girls are somewhere in the comfortable back of the crowd and Cannon is on my lap waving to them incessantly and trying to wrestle away the camera and snap his own photos. (those didn't make it on the blog) After making that silver star painstakingly with layers of tinfoil I was horrified to come upstairs later in the day and find that Cannon had unwrapped it! How fun for him. Is there a sarcastic font for that last sentence. Anyway, I rewrapped it and we made it for the show in time. I'm just going to go ahead and say it, stars aside, "ward parties can be stressful." There, go ahead and quote me on that.

Adrie and Brynn had their gymnastics show-downs. They also had their violin recital. Our teacher combined with another teacher in the area and we were told that it would just be a few kids. This is what our kids were planning on so when we walked into a church and saw the cultural hall FULL to the back you could hear the panic in Adrie's breathing--like a woman in hard labor. It took a miracle--Dad playing his violin along with her--but she made it up there to pluck her song "Jolly Old St. Nicholas." Brynn and Dad did a good job on their duet "Away in a Manger." 50 (groan) students later and we could go home and relax.

Here's the family party. It was great. We just showed up and volunteered for parts. Had a short and sweet program and a good dinner and lots of visiting. That's the way I like 'em.

Pictures from the Light Parade on Main Street.
Today the kids are out of school. We're headed to W-mart for the second time today, taking the kids to get gifts for each other. They drew names and did 5 jobs for me to earn the $5 to buy their presents for their beloved siblings. We'll open those Christmas Eve. Tonight we are celebrating Joseph Smith's birthday with pizza and root beer floats. Brynn is requesting we make salt dough ornaments. And I wanted to fit Hanukkah in there--at least a game of dreidel--but man there's just too much fun and too little time.

Santa is ready!! There are a few presents under the tree....the excitement is building fit to burst!!!!

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