Monday, December 26, 2011

The Magic of Christmas

With Christmas on a Sunday this year we had to start extra early! We have 9:00 a.m. church services and as much as we would have liked to play hooky, just this once, we couldn't! We were in charge of the Christmas program. Brandon did a wonderful job leading the choir. I sang in it. The kids managed miraculously on the front row bench. Intermingled with music were a couple of short but beautiful messages about the Savior, his life and mission. We just had the one meeting and it ended a little early--yay! You're welcome fellow Saints--I do what I can as music director:) After church we zipped home, got into our pj's and relaxed the rest of the day.

The girls trickled upstairs around 5:30 a.m. and got right to work rifling through their stockings.What goodies: yummy lotions, bubble baths, chocolates, and motorized toothbrushes!
Brushing teeth has never been so exciting at our house.
Then it was present opening time:

Cannon was in prehistoric heaven with his menagerie of dinosaurs.
Adrie got the American Girl Itty Bitty Twins....and HOW did Santa know that she wanted the Latino ones when she didn't even show him the picture at the family party?! He really must be magic. She also loves her new fuzzy puppy pillow/blanket set and Narnia DVD.
Brynn spent all day whizzing through the house wearing most of her presents--spiffy rollerblades, shorts, a watch, even the fuzzy socks from her stocking. She also loves her new furry blue blanket that she also wore while skating.Kate's favorite presents were her basketball and football. She is also wearing some presents.
But the highlight of her Christmas was opening a box with a collar and a picture of...

The new puppy that she will get as soon as it is fully weaned!!! (a min-pin or mini pinscher) Santa must be real because Kate has been begging for this moment ALL YEAR to her stubborn and unfeeling parents.
She read on the internet today that this breed will want to play with her outside AND snuggle in her bed. She can't wait to get started!!

Santa surprised me this year with a ping-pong table. Our basement is now complete.
Christmas Eve Traditions: We had a candlelight dinner with ham, potatoes, and orange rolls. The only thing I forgot to buy was sparkling cider but right before dinner the doorbell rang. It was our neighbors wishing us a Merry Christmas with a bottle of cider bubbly. How perfect is that.
We read the Christmas story from the Bible and acted out the Nativity. The kids opened their presents from each other, a new tradition for us and definitely a keeper.

Christmas really is magical with kids. I'm glad I know some. Merry Christmas everyone!!


Megz said...

I can't believe you're getting a dog! The first of BD's fam to give in. Kindof funny since they were such a big part of homestead life...
Looks like Santa came through big time. Merry Christmas!

stephanie said...

WOW! a dog!! Santa must love Kate!

THose dinosaurs are awesome! Looks like none of your kids were on the naughty list.

cold cocoa said...

Fun! Your tree looks beautiful! I want to come play ping pong, but by the time I get to your house a little mini-dog might be biting my leg as I play! Ha of you to get a dog soon. I will be interested to see how the family takes him in. And the fun stories you'll have to share.
Merry Christmas!