Sunday, December 4, 2011

Super Duper Saturday

What a lucky day for me. I won the candy jar at the family party by guessing the right amount! AND I got to play my cello for the Julie B. Beck conference.
These are my string quartet friends. We had the wonderful opportunity to play for the president of the largest women's organization in the world--the General Relief Society President of the LDS Church --as she came to speak in our area. We played prelude and the musical number--all Christmas songs--our favorites. Sister Beck thanked us publicly and voiced the lifetime hours of practicing that it takes to create that kind of music--Wahoo! There's a pat on the back!

There were a few questions/concerns I had in my life before going to this conference. Some I had prayed about and others were just ideas floating in my mind that hadn't made it to the prayer stage yet. Sister Beck answered them all in her talk!!! That is the truth of the gospel right there, people. You ask the Lord for wisdom and he sends it. Often, in the form of another person.

Sis. Beck had an interesting format. She asked for 6 questions from the audience, "We're not leaving until we get them so start standing." As people stood up they were handed a microphone. Questions ranged from "How do I get over feelings of inadequacy to where's the most remote place you have been with your church work?" (Sri Lanka) She then spent the next while addressing all those issues and others in between with the scriptures, and with her own life lessons. After all that, she invited 3 people to stand and share what specific thing they had learned at this conference that helped them. Remarkable.

I was so richly fed with wisdom, the time flew by and before I knew it, it was time to go. We had a family party to get to. But more on that later. Let me just share some of the things that I took to heart:

1. All of our ancestors at some point left their countries and came here to America for a better life. Imagine how scary to be a foreigner trying to fit in. Reach out to the hispanics in the community. Start with "Hola." Reach your hand out and say "Mucho gusto." Then lean in and give them a kiss on the left cheek.
She made us practice.

2. This life is not the dream. This life is to PREPARE for the dream.

3. The Lord works in councils--marriages, families, wards, etc. Be an active contributor to these councils by sharing ideas, knowledge, skills. Speak up, already!!

4. Visiting Teaching has the power to contribute to the Lord's work exponentially. She shared a humorous example of some clueless but well meaning visiting teachers who dutifully gave their 30 minute lesson while the house fell to shambles. Gone are those days, Ladies!! Get to know your new friend. Find out what kind of help she needs and HELP her!

5. If you get an idea to to good---DO IT--NOW!! That is how the Spirit works.

6. Secret to success? When you wake up in the morning roll out of your bed and onto your knees in prayer. Next, spend some time in the scriptures. Then make your bed--you are not getting back in it for the rest of the day! Lastly, get dressed. Take the time to make yourself presentable. After all that you are symbolically saying to the Lord, "Okay, I've done my part. I'm ready. What does the Lord have in store for me today?"

Okay, there were many many more gems. I could have feasted on her words all day but like I said, I had a party to get to--

The H. family party that my kids have been looking forward to for weeks because of all the fun prizes, cousins, and the chance to see Santa!!

Brynn asked for roller blades--not the kind that are plastic and noisy when you ride down the road like she already has--but the ones that are smooth and quiet and make you go fast like her friend's.

Adria brought a picture of the itty bitty twins from the American Girl catalog (she wants the Latino ones)Kate wants a dog. Preferably a husky. Hmmmm What's Santa to do about that?
Cannon wanted nothing more than to stay put and NOT sit on that jolly guy's lap. What is this craziness anyway?! We already knows he wants dinosaurs. Big ones. Lots of them.
Group singing, prizes, reading of the Christmas story.

A brotherly quartet sang for the program. Sounded awesome!

And, a little out of order, on the photos, but this is what was happening earlier in the day, instead of morning cartoons. A FULL, FULL, FUN, FUN day!


cold cocoa said...

How fun for you to play in that quartet. Didn't know you were doing that yesterday too!
I'll be interested to see if you end up with a dog. It sounds like you were not entirely closed to the idea, which is dangerous! Good luck.

Megz said...

Sounds like a great interactive conference. I enjoy those a bit more than the traditional ones, I dare say.
Does Cannon know that your new husky will chew up his dinosaurs?

Diana said...

I got to see Sister Beck in NYC last year and I do like her style. I still think about some of the things she said that day...

Those pictures of the Heelis family party make me sad. I haven't been to one of those in forever. Glad the new generation has those as part of their tradition, though!