Sunday, January 22, 2012

The L-list: Favorite New Purchases

This is what we woke up to. A different kind of beauty than last week's post for sure.
Well, you know I'm super nice and generous and everything and if I were Oprah I'd give all readers everything listed here. But how about a drawing? Leave a comment before Tues 12pm and one LUCKY WINNER will receive --a Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer.  For reals--I'll mail it to you --or if you live somewhere warm, I'll personally deliver:)
Congratulations to Megz the winner!!! 
 Here is the L-list.
Best Lip Balm Ever and it comes in a myriad of shades. It's like gourmet chapstick with a hint of color. That's what I like, just a hint of color.  Your lips will love it too.
Kai Pure Komanchi high carbon steel knives (29.99 Costco)
They say if you don't have a good knife set you must not be eating a lot of fresh vegetables because if you did eat a lot of vegetables and didn't have a good knife you would be so frustrated you would go out and buy one. Yes, I read that somewhere--cutting board too. That was me for a long while--though  instead of going out and buying one I was just frustrated--for years, even. That's why when I finally  saw this very pretty set with THAT price it was was seriously the tenderest mercy. I brought them right home and have been loving them ever since--lightweight and so sharp I've sliced my fingers several times--the cello ones even, darn it.  Just goes to show that  I'm eating my veggies:)

Yummy--like peanut butter only chocolate hazelnut butter. Mix the two together and you have something divine. The girls like them mixed with chex or rice krispies. I like it for dipping pretzels. Warning: addictive.
Roku --This little box (around $60)  enables us to stream Netflix onto our TV--It's takes the convenience of the internet and makes it comfy--especially if you're watching with one of these...
Microsherpa/Micromink reversible throw ($20, Costco) This is the wedding present I bought that never made it to the couple.  It was soo soft and lovely I couldn't stop stroking it. It must have like imprinted on me so I had to keep it. $20 later and I'm living in luxury.
Benefit Cosmetics: Thank goodness the ladies at Fashion Island Mall whisked my sister and I away for emergency makeovers. How else would we have known what we were missing?! I love the foundation (29.99) It's very lightweight and is the perfect shade for me. I love applying it with the feathery soft brush too. 
Wallflowers from Bath and Body Works ($12 but they have sales all the time)
I love these because even if my house isn't clean it SMELLS clean!! How cool is that! My favorite is Sea Island Cotton. The smell of it also tricks me into thinking I live in a beach house --one with clean linens blowing in the breeze.
If I were a diva this would be my signature scent--although it looks like they have some exciting new ones I'm going to have to try like Bahama Fizz?! and  Tikki Beach?!!


Megz said...

My MIL gave me white Cutco knives that scare me with their sharpness so only Leon uses them. Your rainbow ones look too pretty to cause bloodshed!
We go through a lot of Nutella over here too. It drives me crazy how much Ethan slathers on a piece of toast cuz it ain't exactly the same price as GV peanut butter....
Thanks for sharing your passions like Oprah.

Diana said...

Oh no---I meant to comment earlier and had composed various beautiful notes in my head but alas! I am too late. I can't believe I lost out to only one competitor. Now what will I look forward to in this bleak mid-winter?