Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day Trippers

One of the best presents we got for Christmas was from BD's parents. They started a tradition last year of sending some money with the suggestion of taking the family out for dinner and then to the bookstore. What a great idea! A gift with an experience! WE had  a lot of fun with this last year in SLC. This year we headed to St. George for the added benefit of SUNSHINE!
When we visited Harvard campus last fall I was thrilled to see a bookstore on every block! Where we live we have to go 2 hours to get to bookstore! A bit of a sad commentary but I guess that's what makes this experience a real bookstore adventure for us.

After enjoying a delicious syrupy meal at IHOP, we headed to a Big Vault of Books, (with our windows down the whole time so as to get maximum sun exposure.) Once there, the kids were off and running. Cannon was first to pick his book and it's no surprise that he got, DINOSAURS: THE WORLD'S MOST TERRIFYING CREATURES. He has been relishing each vividly illustrated page ever since.
Adrie didn't have a hard time choosing hers, RAPUNZEL'S BOOK OF SECRETS. She has been giddy about filling in it's pages with her favorite foods, special friends, and birthday wishes. She was especially excited that it came with a lock and key to keep her curious sisters out.
The rest of us took a lot longer to decide. Brandon perused the Psychology section but didn't come away with anything. I hovered over a few options, Household Spanish Phrases? a beautiful classic? How to Become Vegan?  Then Brandon and I saw this title and decided it was the one, THE CHILDREN YOU WANT WITH THE KIDS YOU HAVE. We couldn't wait to get started so I read it to him on the drive home, over the yelling in the backseat.
Kate got a big book of PRANKS, GAGS, AND PRACTICAL JOKES, complete with props.  She couldn't wait to get started either which is why everyone got sprayed when they clicked her new camera and finger snapped when they reached for a piece of gum. It has given her TONS of great ideas. Like rearranging her sister's room, short-sheeting the beds, and disconnecting the valve on the toilet so that it sprays water when you flush. (Oh wait, that one was from her cousin Parker)  What fun:/
Kate almost convinced Brynn to get the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EVERYTHING NASTY. But Dad saved the day, and just in time too, because we were at the checkout. He handed her a collection of CALVIN AND HOBBES. It was just what we all needed, to lighten up.

The day didn't end there. There was still sunshine to be enjoyed. And it was warm and heavenly. We picked up some cousins and enjoyed the rest of the daylight at the park.

Thanks to the parents for the gift of  a bookstore adventure!


Megz said...

I want you to stop reading self help books so I don't feel bad when I start mine and stop after 2 chapters and go to a more entertaining book...
And it sounds as if your kids go to straight to the books with all the bells and whistles like mine do, before I gently steer them to the classics in hopes of convincing them where the good stuff is.
I need a day trip to St George. Especially waking up to snow. blech.

Sher said...

I wish I had thought of going to the bookstore in St. George! I suppose BYU bookstore was more practical for us and we had a good time too. I think you should keep reading self help books and then tell me which ones are keepers! That way you do all the work, and I get to read just the good ones.