Sunday, January 29, 2012

Everyone should have a Brynn

Brynn's a great kid to have. She's mellow, gets along with everyone most of the time, and practices with minimal complaining. What did she want for her birthday? a pogo stick. And for dinner? $5 pizza and homemade snickerdoodles. She's pretty low-maintenance for the most part but she can be particular when it comes to style. We had to go to all (3) stores in town before she could settle on a pair of shoes.
 Brynn had a few friends over for a chocolate fountain, some games, and a movie night.
Her friend made her this birthday cake.


I was looking through Brynn's scrapbook/journal and found this excerpt from when she was 4 years old.

Tonight I tucked Brynn into bed and said,
"Brynn I love you more than all the sugar in the world.
Brynn--I love you more than bunnies.
Me--I love you more than  unicorns.
Brynn--I love you more than rainbows.
Me--I love you more than marshmallow clouds.
Brynn put her arm around my neck, pulled me close and whispered, "I love marshmallows more."

Here are some of my favorite photos of her.


stephanie said...

what a cute girl! I loved all the pics of when she was little.

That chocolate fountain looks wonderful!

Sher said...

I'm sure, even when she was four, she really loved you more! I liked the pictures, and I always like hearing about talented Brynn and what she likes to do.

Sher said...

More than marshmallows I mean.

Sheree said...

She not only looks like you, but it sounds like her personality is a lot like yours too. What a cute girl!

cold cocoa said...

We love Brynn too- and you know how much Isabelle adores her!

Happy Birthday. Looks like a fun, low-maintenance occasion. Perfect.

Megz said...

Happy Birthday to Brynn! I can't believe she's 9! Didn't we just come down for her baptism?