Friday, August 31, 2012

Dear Diary

I can't find my journal anywhere?! I like to write in a journal sometimes, just to process the day, reflect on the good and the bad. Plus, I think if I ever get amnesia or just old and forgetful I'll be able to go back and make sure I've really lived.   I've searched the house up and down to no avail so I'll just have to write about the day with a blog post.  Welcome to a peek inside my scattered mind...

Brandon's employer has a " healthy incentives" program. As a spouse I also get to participate,  so I went in for "testing" the other day. They took my vital signs, checked my blood, had me stand on a scale that apparently measures more than your weight. Based on the magic scale they told me I was dehydrated and needed to gain more muscle. I don't know how the machine knows that stuff. They didn't either.

I don't like weight lifting but I believe the magic scale. Luckily my next door neighbor hosts a neighborhood weight lifting session in her basement gym twice/week.   It's a good chance for us moms to get together and sweat. Obviously I haven't taken advantage of that but I probably will be now. And along the lines of getting healthier...

I made what I thought was a fantastic dinner--at least for 'well developed' tastebuds.  I tried my first batch of couscous--anything is more fun to eat if it comes in size miniscule, don't you think? A trip to the farmer's produce stand inspired the rest of the menu. I bought some peaches, squash, peppers.  I already felt really cool for buying "farm to table" but I upped the ante by placing a beautiful purple eggplant in my basket.   Back at home I sliced it up, dipped the slices in italian dressing, coated them with parmesan and breadcrumbs and broiled for 4 minutes each side at 450 degrees.  Cut up and sauteed the veggies, mixed all the sides together and served it with corn on the cob and juicy ripe melon.

I have such weird kids. They didn't think it was as awesome at all.  Brandon wondered "where's the beef?"  I caught him eating a sloppy joe out of the fridge RIGHT after dinner?

I printed out a list of dinnertime questions earlier this month to add some pizazz  to our dining experience (as if eggplant wasn't enough) Tonight's question was "When was the last time you cried and why?"  You can answer it too if you like. It turns out that all the kids had cried recently because of practicing piano with ME!!  Uggg. Good thing I had book club tonight.

I Looooove my bookclub. I seriously can't wait to go (especially after dinner conversations like the above) and talk to other women.   These aren't just any women-- they are a flash mob of creative prowess.  They would have liked my dinner.  I hardly fit in but I like to feed off their zest for learning and we have some great  discussions.

 Tonight we discussed "How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci; Seven Steps to Genius Every Day."    Very inspiring! These ladies make me read and love stuff like that. We've tackled Pilgrim's Progress and Shakespeare. Next up on the dockett is "Great Expectations" which I hope I will like more than I did in High School.

Looking forward to a long weekend in sunny St. George where I can read by the pool, do some (yippee) shopping, explore some canyons, and just chillax.


cold cocoa said...

Have a fun time and a great birthday!
And it's true- not many men want the farm fresh meal! Darn them..

PS-your word verification is SO HARD to pass!

Megan said...

This post is completely hilarious. I would have loved eating that amazing "locally grown" meal you prepared, and I would seriously love to sit in on your fabulous book club. Miss you, friend.