Sunday, August 26, 2012

school, School, SCHOOL

It had been awhile, so we hit the road this weekend to spend some time with family.
Back at the campus where this guy and I met 15 years ago, Dad and the kids were given a VIP tour from retired professor, Grandpa.  I didn't get to go on the tour (I was shopping for a birthday outfit with Grandma--what fun!) but here's what it looked like from Kate's point of view...

Is this one of those famous mint brownies or a cougar tail?
Kaaaate, pick on someone your own size.

 Success in every way-- I got a new outfit and the kids got to see the ins and outs of BYU world.

 If our big fat Y logo wall sticker at home isn't enough to point them in the right academic direction, then hopefully the tour will.

 We made a few phone calls and had a great turnout of family join us for a Saturday afternoon hike.
 And well, we can't end without discussing the elephant in the room: It was the FIRST WEEK BACK TO SCHOOL.   Kate the great is a newbie at middle school this year--yay for lockers, lots of classes, and awkward times.   Brynn is in 4th and is happy with her teacher despite him seeming tired--well yeah, who wouldn't be tired after teaching for 36 years!   Adrie loves loves loves her new school class and like Matilda can't wait to discuss literature over a box of chocolates with her teacher, Miss Honey.

The little guy has one more year at home. He is a little weirded out by his sister friends suddenly leaving him all day. Until he's drafted into the Kindergarten playoffs next year, we'll enjoy many books and play-dough dates.
Phew! It was one happenin' week.

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Megan said...

These pics are great. While it's exciting that your girls are happily back in school, it is kind of fabulous having a little pal still chilling with you at home, don't you think?