Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dusty Bottoms

 This week we continued the tradition of going to the County Fair. Wahooo.   Kate entered the chocolate baking contest. She didn't win the $50 grand prize she was hoping for but I thought her triple layered mint chocolate bars were mmmazing!  

We saw giant zucchinis, beautiful handmade quilts, canned goods of every variety. The girls entered their own exhibits. Adrie was delighted to find that her poem about dinosaurs won a blue ribbon. Kate and Brynn entered art work and photography and got 2nd place ribbons.  Kate also entered a sugar cube sculpture which also got a blue ribbon.  

 Adventure seeker though I am, I was secretly hoping to get out of the Little Cowboy Rodeo this year. (so dang hot and muggy) but here we are!!!   This year Brynn was too big to do mutton bustin' and instead graduated to "steer riding. "  What is a steer?   I asked one of the many knowledgeable patrons in cowboy duds and I'm sure you're dying to know.  It's a young male cow that is fixed so it won't become a bull. They grow up to be pot roasts and hamburgers.  After Brynn saw a couple of kids get bucked off within 2 seconds and nearly trampled, she thought she'd pass on that adventure.
Only in a small town.
 She and Adrie joined hoards of little cowboys and girls for a chance at nabbing a blue ribbon of the money bull.  Brynn got herself a dollar and a dusty bottom. They also participated in a "boot" race.

For a new adventure, this weekend,  we headed out East for the Castle Valley pageant. 
 The locals here put on a good re-enactment of the settlement of the valley and the hardships and joys of pioneer life.  I think the early settlers of this place would have had to have even a greater sense of adventure than I to leave their homes and try to make a new life on what looks like the planet Mars.

 Before the sun set, we enjoyed some pioneer life activities like making rag rugs and riding in a horse drawn wagon.


Megan said...

I can't tell you how much I love this post. I heart everything about it.

Sher said...

You are B.D. are good at taking your family on adventures and doing all of the community things. I love the pictures as usual.