Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Nation Divided

To all those who voted for Obama: Eat, Drink, and be Merry--and send China the bill. :))

I am a 35 year-old mother of 4, married, college graduate, LDS, political conservative. I voted for Romney/Ryan because I believed in their plan to get our country on a plan of fiscal responsibility and a better economic future. Any President has to work with Congress to pass laws. Although Ron Paul had good ideas,  I believed Mitt better able to work across party lines and negotiate change in Washington.

I voted for Romney because I supported his plan to:

  • Repeal Obamacare
  • Become Energy Independent
  • Balance the Budget
  • Create a Military force not to be reckoned with
  • Strengthen Economy, Create Jobs
  • Shrink Federal Government, give States more freedom to choose their education, healthcare, etc.
  •  I believe he is honest.  
  •  I know I can spend my money better than the government can and I want the freedom to do so.
I don't know what his policy on Immigration would be and that issue is a concern of mine. However I think one Governor said it perfectly,  "There is no such thing as a candidate with whom you agree 100% unless you write yourself on the ballot."   True! We have to elect who we think will have the best chance of tackling the most important issues.  We need to vote our conscience but at the end of the game a vote not for Mitt was a vote for Obama. If the Libertarians and other misc. voters had put their vote toward Mitt rather than someone who had no chance could we have avoided an Obama re-election?

Election Days are a good wake up call for the nation, and after this one aren't we all awake?!
Am I upset that my candidate lost?  Yes, but despite the heaviness of heart I am keeping my eyes on the horizon and 3 things give me hope.

 1. The President didn't win by a landslide. Half the population believes like me that Obama is putting us on the fast track toward bankruptcy and we demand reform!  The message is loud and clear. There are enough people in our nation that want what is best for our country and that gives me hope.

2. Many of our local and state leaders who clamor for change DID win their seats. Republicans still hold a majority in Congress and that will help keep a Democratic Pres.and Senate in check. They are awake to their duties!

3. The rest of us are now resolved and united in our efforts to uphold values and freedoms we hold dear.  I did everything in my power to vote for change. I marked my ballot,  I contributed financially, and I stayed educated on the political happenings. In fact I am glad I can finally listen to music again instead of politics--but wait!!!   What could I have done better and what will I do better in the next few years??

 I will be more vocal about my beliefs and stand up for my principles.   I tended to shy away from social media during the election. I only dipped my toes in the water so to speak.  I believe in the wisdom of Proverbs; Reason not with a Fool. While that is still true I believe it is my duty and privilege to stand up for and defend the cause of freedom and promote the good. I don't believe everyone that voted for Obama is a fool. I think most people are good but they may not realize the  consequences. This year I will be more bold in defending truth with civil dialogue. I will stand up for the Constitution and the principles this country was founded upon and I will  use all the social media I can get my typing hands on! ( Not to mention I am also pretty motivated  to beef up my emergency preparedness and food storage...)

Consider this proposal I heard from a radio caller the other day: 
Because the nation is divided, let's literally divide the country in half. The people who want Obama for President can live on one side, and Mitt can be President of the other side.  ( I would also propose  that we divide the national deficit in half so 8 trillion each--on your mark get set--good luck!! )   It wouldn't be 2 weeks before the Obamites realized there was no one to pay for their policies (unless Jay Z can get a few Platinum-z). They would be desperately digging tunnels to get over to the Romney side!  (Maybe they would resort to stealing from us which is kind of what really is happening anyway in the form of high taxes. )

p.s. While we're at it let's just solve the immigration problem by annexing Mexico.

Okay, aaaanyway...
Carry on fellow Americans and let not your hearts be troubled. If you voted for Obama and you are still reading  please study Thomas Paine's Common Sense, The Constitution, Glenn Beck's Broke, The 5000 Year Leap, The Making of America and watch Obama 2016.    I used to believe everyone in America deserved free everything. Yay for government! But nothing is FREE for long.  If they wanted to live in a socialist government our ancestors wouldn't have left Europe and fought for the freedom and Independence that makes America great. Let's keep it great!


Sheree said...

I love it! I was thinking that dividing the country in half might work too. But leave a little state for us Ron Paul people too. LOL.
Is it Fox News that is blaming the Libertarians for Romney losing? Where was the outcry when the GOP disenfranchised Ron Paul's delegates even though he was going to lose the bid to Mitt Romney anyway? I was planning to vote for Romney, but that was a game changer for me. I just can't support that.

I think annexing Mexico is the plan. ;) I'll definitely have to watch Obama 2016.

My kids were all rooting for Mitt. There were actual tears last night from Monet.

LC said...
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Sheree said...

Also, my vote didn't count anyways, not did any of the other libertarians. The electoral college voted Obama back in.

LC said...

Thanks Sheree for the comments. Ron Paul would make a great Pres. for our half and True about the! I didn't do any research about Libertarian votes I just saw the 9% vote for "others" on the TV last night and wished we could have added that to Mitt's 49% for a win:)

Sheree said...

I know, I really think Mitt is a great man and I wish it were him in office because I think he is a person with integrity. If I'd lived in a different state, I think I probably would have voted for him, even though there are a few issues that concern me.