Thursday, November 15, 2012

Money Well Spent

So, I've bought my share of duds in this life--like the "as seen on TV Titanium knife" that couldn't cut through a shoe as promised. But this year I've had some winners. These purchases made me think... "Yep, this was definitely a good investment."

A.  AAA Membership: ($52/year)  Hopefully I don't jinx myself when I say "I haven't had to use this yet ;)" but I love the peace of mind of knowing that IF I breakdown or run out of gas or lock my keys in the car...I will be rescued!  As a bonus I get discounts on hotels and car rentals and a magazine with travel tips. My AAA membership just makes me feel special. Who can put a price on that?
This coverage goes with me everywhere. So, if I'm riding in your car, you are covered too. I just became your favorite road trip companion and that's worth every penny.

B.  Amazon Prime Membership  ($79/year)
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...1. I love being able to buy something  and get it in 2 days!! 2. I love not having to pay shipping on that something!! Gone are the days that I have to think of a few extra things to add to my cart to get to the $25 minimum to get free shipping. I can send a $5 book to myself, and one to my buddy and not have to pay shipping for either of them! You might not think that with all the $5 dollar items I buy that I break even with my membership fee. That may be true but so what?? I love my membership. Oh and back to the counting  3. I get thousands of shows and episodes to watch instantly. 4.   I just learned that you can "borrow" books in the lending library! Yippee.  You can borrow one book a month from a list of bestsellers and other goodies.   It's like Netflix, the Mall, and the Bookmobile in one service. With Amazon Prime, I feel totally ready for Christmas. Bring it on!

C. Costco Membership ($55)
Again, I don't know if I break even with the membership by the time I pay for gas to even get there!! But, for moms this place is like Disneyland. I can buy bulk everything and let's just face it, there is something primal-y satisfying about filling your cupboards with gargantuan containers of food.  More satisfying are those occasional "unplanned" purchases or featured items like my knife set or the pie serving trays, or most recently my Ninja Blender.
We always eat there because by the time we get there it's time for some meal or another. If you haven't tried their Italian ice cream, you are missing out.

D. DoTerra Essential Oils Physician Kit ($150)
Let me tell you, this has more than paid for itself for all the times it has kept us out of the doctors office!
When Cannon had a nail fungus? I used oregano oil. Poof. Gone. the. next. day. A natural sleeping aid? Lavender oil on the bottom of the big toe. Strep throat? Lick some On Guard.  When you feel the gamboozo coming on? Digestzen on the navel.  I feel so empowered knowing that when my family is sick, I know what to do to help them!! And because I don't know everything just yet...there is the handy reference book ($25)
Find a DoTerra Rep and get yours already!

That's all.


Sheree said...

I love all of those too, which reminds me I really need to get my AAA membership again.

After four years of using doTERRA, I don't really use anything else other than an ibuprofen here and there now. I love it. mastitis, strep, impetigo, staph, etc. It is pretty amazing stuff. I'm always glad when I hear other people who love it too.

cold cocoa said...

I love amazon prime too, though I didn't know about the lending library! Also, tell me more about DoTerra. Is there something for warts? What is the gamboozo? I googled it but your blog came back with only a few other non-English websites. I would love to be able to be a Dr. here at home and empower myself. Oh, and the Spanish Fork Costco is now open!

LC said...

I could write an entire post about all the ways we've used and loved our physician kit. I love playing doctor. There sure is something for warts--frankincense. I put it on a mole for a few days and it shriveled up and fell off. Also I read that onguard and melaleuca work. All those are included in the physician kit.
Gamboozo was just a way of saying that icky stomach bug. Brandon has converted after using the digestzen for this. he went to work the next day. CC-I'll email you more info on how to get one. You can order one from me or any rep. you know.

cold cocoa said...

sounds great! thanks.