Friday, November 2, 2012

Pumpkin Smashing

For all the fun and festivities of Halloween why am I so wickedly pleased when it is all . finally. over?! 

Cousins in Costume...and one Uncle who tried in vain to escape the confines of the camera lens. 

We had an exciting family party complete with carnival booths, games, pinata, a spooky story, and an even spookier  wagon ride through the Haunted Fields around Grandma and Grandpa's House.
 Back at home we carameled apples and carved pumpkins--NOT on the same day, mind you.  Both were utterly messy and therefore memorable--which is what matters, right?
The night started with tears for 3 of the 4 but ended with happy happy kids hauling pillowcases full of treats.
We gave out around 200 pieces of candy.  Gone are the days of walking around as a family! The kids have friends. Back at home they counted their loot:
Brynn and Kate came out  winners with 106 pieces, Adrie a close second at 99 and Cannon, 25. And to quote him, " Now it's 24 cuz I just ate another one mom."

Lastly, we started another messy but memorable tradition this year which happens to sum up my feelings for the holiday in general: Smashing Pumpkins.  


cold cocoa said...

Looks fun! Be careful where you throw pumpkins because those seeds can cause pumpkin babies to grow out of cement!

LC said...

So true! We're in for some surprises this spring!

Megan said...

I love your jack-o-lantern pic and the haunted hayride idea and the Cannon-ism about disappearing candy. What great memories.