Sunday, March 3, 2013

Party On

One of these times I am going to post what goes on BEFORE our road trips--the whining, "Why can't we just stay home." The complaining, "Mountains are stupid."  The screaming, "Get your shoes on NOW"
   One of these times.... but not this time. 

 Capitol Reef National Park

See how much fun they're having now that we are here? 

This is the kind of place where your imagination can run wild. Just look at this scenery? We saw Indian petroglyphs and hiked to Hickman Bridge (below). Even the drive was eventful. We spotted an enormous golden eagle perched on the side of the road, saw a bald eagle in flight, and encountered probably 50-80 deer which were trying (not very hard) to avoid our car. Sorry to say we hit one but the damage to both car and beast were minimized due to Brandon's quick brake action. 

 Took Kate skiing for her 12th birthday at Eagle Point Resort in Beaver. Beautiful day, great lunch at the lodge, and no broken bones. I only forgot sunscreen. The next morning I looked like a red panda. Kate just looked red.

Someone did this to our door while we were gone!! What a sweet surprise from the church girls, "Welcome to Young Women's Kate"

Concluding the week was a very special event for us. 

Adria was baptized a member of the LDS Church by her dad.

Adrie's good friends came to cheer her on.
Back at home it was playclothes and fun with cousins.      Squint for the camera!
What a party! We had Adrie's favorite meal: sweet pork burritos and had fun visiting with all our family that traveled to be with us for the day.

Time to pack for the next adventure....Just learned it will be Florida's spring break while we are there. Seriously?! The party never ends. Glad this one's on the beach!


Michelle said...

Thanks for posting the picture of JD. That was a huge laugh for us. Congrats Adrie. We are so happy you made the choice you did. Happy birthday Kate. So glad you had a great birthday.

Sherie Christensen said...

You do keep busy! I hope your trip is fabulous even with spring break crowds.

Megan said...

Congratulations to Adrie on such an important and wonderful step! And, btw, I would LOVE to read that post on what happens before your road trips.