Thursday, March 14, 2013

Later Alligator

We're baaack, best believe it--I have a tan. 
It's fading quickly so come see while you can...

Enough about me. We had a great stay
in the Sunshine State for a family vacay.

Took a 3 hour drive and a 5 hour flight.
But made it we did!  in the dead of the night.

Only  to wait for our nice rental van
4 kids waiting 2 hrs at 3 a.m.????

Things got better--or did they? We found our hotel.
Not as nice as the internet pictures...Oh well.

Ft. Lauderdale beach awaited next day.
What a beautiful beach! What a great place to play!

We sunned and we swam with the scantily clad.
Played frisbee, found shells, and were generally glad. 

Down the surf a strange fish attracted a crowd.
With rows of sharp teeth--Barracuda? watch out!

That was just the start of our brush with the wild.
Dad and Kate took the raft out into waters mild.

When what could those dark forms moving fast be?
Both gentle and frumpy? Twere 2 Manatee !!

And...After swimming for hours in ignorant bliss.
There was a shark sighting we were lucky to miss.

 Next day we drove inland away from the shore.
To sunny Orlando with gardens galore.

Epcot center was full of rides and delights.
We saw the whole world and the fireworks at night.

Ice cream in Germany, China for lunch.
funnel cakes, drinks, French pastries to munch.

Oh that we'd had more money to spend!
We'd enjoy ALL of  Disneyworld's parks to no end!

Next up on the docket were the Everglades.
Armadillos rested off the road in the shade. 

Cypress trees dripping with old Spanish Moss
Gave air of a swampy adventure across...and...

Away on an airboat we flew with a roar
Gators floated like logs and were sunning on shore.

Spotted a cottonmouth and such waterfowl,
a turtle, more gators, and really? a Cow?

Picnicked with peacocks in the hot air.
Frog legs anyone? Gator meat? au contraire. 

It was back to the beach, in our luxury van.
With a DVD player and a rear back-up cam.

The kids watched movies in the back seat.
Who knew 2 hours of silence could be such a treat!!!

Back to the beach, this time at Hollywood.
My favorite by far. I could live there. I should!

With shops on the Broadwalk this beach has it all.
People dancing, and dining and  beach volleyball.

Had our fill of swimming. Our sunburns burned twice.
Lifeguards warned us to stick tight to the white.

The riptides were coming and with them sting rays.
So we roamed with the foam and stayed inside the bays.

So sad! our last day! we drove to Key Biscayne
Passed through glittery Miami in the Express lane.

What a lovely oasis but curse this strong breeze!
Too windy for paddleboarding or snorkeling? Please?!

Tis sad but is true that all good things must end.
And so did our trip and this poem that I send.

No more sand in my sheets no more cartoon network.
Back to dentist appoinments and chores and homework.

I love all my kids yes I certainly dooo
but I'm glad that we're no longer packed in one room!


Megan said...

I love this epic poem! What a fun and memorable trip for your family, Laura.

Anonymous said...

Amazing pics and and great family time! Thanks for sharing but we did miss our sweet neighbours!

Diana said...

Much (jealous) whimpering from the fam over here. But glad you had a happy trip!

cold cocoa said...

Looks very fun and amazing. I like your poem format.

Sherie Christensen said...

You have awesome poetry skills and the sunshine looked lovely -- as did the beautiful beaches.

Michelle said...

Sounds like it was worth it, Dr. Suess. What a fantastic memory for you and yours.