Sunday, April 7, 2013


Life is cruising by in a fast car and probably 50 things have happened since our trip.  But, the best use of the number 50 is...

Number of years Brandon's parents have been married.
We celebrated with them big time!
Picture from their mission to Massachusetts 
A celebratory program included a fun variety of tributes to the parents from feel-good slide shows to hilarious puppet shows. Our contribution was our version of a song Brandon heard his mom sing growing up "16 tons."  Brandon personalized it with some original verses, the kids snapped, and I plucked out the bass rhythm.

If there's one thing Brandon's parents have taught me it is that FAMILY IS NUMBER ONE.  Every phone call, every timely birthday gift, every holiday,  baby blessing and baptism is evidence that to them, family is first.  I feel like God was really watching out for me when he put me with the C. family.    And after the wonderful program commemorating their 50 years together I feel extra grateful to be part of this great family.

 Added to the celebrating were Easter Egg Hunts--5 of them to be exact.  The fields around the homestead glittered with plastic eggs and treats but only briefly. In no time everything was picked up, gathered, and consumed. Happiness.

Back at home we had our own Easter celebration.   What a joyful holiday.  I couldn't help reflect on all the blessings I enjoy. Because Jesus lived and died for me I will be able to live with my family forever, I will get to be with my mom and dad again, I can forgive and be forgiven, I can return to live with Heavenly Father in a perfect body that never gets irritable or exhausted!!   Easter is undercelebrated don't you think?

Brandon and I were in charge of the Easter Sunday Program at church. We based it on the "Living Christ" Testimony of the Apostles and Prophet. We had encouraged the youth weeks prior to memorize it and divided them into parts. In between we had musical numbers by the children, youth, and choir. The whole program was Christ-centered and, as always,  turned out better than we practiced. 

Later in the evening we were going to attend the Easter Convenio where different faiths from our community present a program about Christ through word and music. After attending weeks of rehearsals and meetings, and just 30 minutes prior to the program, Brandon started to not feel so good.  He ended up home with a stomach bug. We all stayed home and watched Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, which I think explains the Resurrection more vividly than I ever could. Luckily that stomach illness was confined just to him.  

More Easter yum.

Throw in the volleyball games, violin lessons, school programs, and orchestra rehearsals, book club, and yep, we probably made it to 50 things!


Michelle said...

Your are right about all of it. Family should be first and Easter is under celebrated. Thanks for the update.

Sherie Christensen said...

I seem to always love what you write. You do such a good job. The funny thing is, while I was watching conference, I thought, "I hope Laura will do her usual sum up". I always look forward to it. No pressure or anything! You're terrific!

LC said...

Thanks sherie. I hope to get to the conference sum up this week...

Megan said...

I would've loved to be a fly on the wall during the 16 Tons performance. Congratulations to your in-laws on 50 terrific years. Easter is totally under-celebrated, and I surely am grateful for it. Sounds like you did an amazing job with the Easter Sacrament program. There is nothing you can't do, superwoman!

cold cocoa said...

It was a fun Easter weekend, wasn't it.
Is it just me or does BD seem to get a lot of stomach bugs? Where was Digestzen when all this was going down? Any luck with that?