Friday, February 21, 2014

Adrie's Birthday and Zion's

Part 2 of our Presidents Day Weekend and the other reason we were there was because this is where Adrie wanted to be on her special day.   She may not have had hiking in mind but as mom usually knows best, she ended up being glad we did it.  Plus, all National Parks are free on President's Day and we just had to take advantage of that!
First we did some (more) shopping while Dad began the clean-up process. Then I finished the cleaning while Dad and all the kids enjoyed one of our favorite sports, pickle-ball.
We had lunch and headed to Zion's National Park.  We got there a little later than we had planned but that worked out great because we missed the crowds.

 We walked along the Riverwalk Trail

 We stopped to take some photos here and it was a good thing too because just ahead we heard a rumble and then a thunderous crash. A big boulder had come loose and fallen right smack onto the trail just 20 ft in front of us.
 Here it is. The big fella that we were glad to miss, else one of us might have been crushed or maimed. Phew.
Feeling lighthearted again, sliding down another big boulder, this one firmly attached to the mountain.
 Wow. I love this color contrast!!

 Trail guide suggested 1.5 hours for this trail. With all the photo ops and everything we did it in about 45 minutes. We were cruising!!
 It was great to be outdoors!  It was off to Cafe Rio for Adrie's birthday dinner and then back home.

  The birthday loot! Adrie got a new pink chair for her room, a loom so she can make bracelets like all her friends, and a couple of DVD's.
 Later in the week she had a FREAKY FRIDAY party with a movie and milkshakes. In keeping with the freaky theme they watched "Coraline" and played "murder in the dark"
Adrie at her 3rd grade program. She did a great job singing and smiling.

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Megan said...

A) These pics are gorgeous. B) Such a beautiful family. C) Yikes about the boulder! D) I love you, Laura.