Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Brynn

 This is Brynn. She celebrated birthday #11 in January.
 Her presents included a twirly pink desk chair for her room, a bag from mom's trip to the Bahamas, her very own basketball --now we have 2 good balls and can play dynamite in the driveway. And, Insurgent the sequel to Divergent which has taken our readers in this house by storm.
Birthday menu: Breakfast: Krave cereal.
Lunch: Dad took Brynn out to Sugar Bean bakery where they shared a sandwich. Mom went to Brynn's school to give the kids powdered donuts and answer questions from the kids about Brynn's favorite things. Dinner: Chicken cordon bleu with mashed potatoes and for dessert, angel food cake with real whipped cream and fresh strawberries.
Even though it was a school night, we stayed up a little late and watched a movie, "Monster's University" Brynn had a great birthday!
Brynn had a Saturday birthday party with eleven friends!  First they played the candy game : evens you pick from the pile, odd you take from someone else, 7 or 11 you put something back.   We did the same thing with a gift exchange except no one had to put anything back. Everyone brought a $5 gift and everyone took a new one home! Although, it was fun, Brynn thinks next year she would like to keep all the presents!
 After the games, all the girls walked over to the church gym where Dad and Kate organized them into games of kickball and basketball. Brynn wore her friends out for sure!!
They came back to the house happy but out-of-breath.  They enjoyed some fruit pizza before we drove them all home. What a good group of kind and polite girls!  They all had a good time.

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Sherie Christensen said...

Happy birthday to beautiful Brynn!