Friday, February 14, 2014

That's Amore

I shocked the pants off everyone with a homemade breakfast on Valentine's Day
Good things happen when parents are involved. But better things happen when they have to leave and big sisters jump in to help! We came home from a music practice and her older sisters had helped Adrie make this for her class tomorrow.

Brynn's box also received no parental help. I can't come up with things like that! Her box was a big hit at school especially among the male species. 

I helped in Brynn's and Adrie's class party. We played "How Do You Like your Neighbor?" which didn't involve any treats or crafts so it was right up my alley. Both girls handed out a 4-pack of mini donuts with the label "I DONUT know what I would do without you."  Adrie was the only girl in her class who found heart-shaped box of chocolates with her other valentines. It could only mean one thing--3rd grade romance.

Brandon and I went on a double date with friends. I like Fridays for Valentine's!

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Sherie Christensen said...

Wow! Way to go making breakfast. I'm impressed. I love those Valentine's boxes too. What creative girls you have! I just realized I've missed some other posts too. It looks like you've had some good adventures. I'm glad. I know you like adventures!