Sunday, July 27, 2014


We were surprised with a blessed summer rain shower this week.
What better way to celebrate than to get in your swimsuit, twirl around, and stomp through the overflowing rain gutters, as all the kids did.
 It's a wonder the kids haven't sprouted gills. They have spent the summer either floating down the canal or swimming in a pool rain or shine. They embraced the rain as if they hadn't had water enough!
 Cannon chose this week's activity. We drove to the Manti pool and had a couple hours of enjoyment with our neighborhood friends. After we went out for ice cream.
 In the background is the beautiful Manti temple.

Kate has been spending the week at her friend's house in the city--a trip she has looked forward to all summer. According to instagram, they are having WAY too much fun--midnight runs to get ice cream? Without her our house is devoid of baked goods, pinteresty concoctions, Demi Lovato tunes and .... sibling conflict.  We miss her!  and will be glad things will get back to their normal raucousness when she returns later this week.

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Megan said...

Summer doesn't get much better when you just add water.