Sunday, February 15, 2015

California Girls

It's here and gone--the much anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed student exchange trip to California. 
Day 1: Leave UT, lunch at In'n'Out Las Vegas, afternoon/evening at Laguna Beach
Day 2: Disneyland and California Adventures
Day 3: Universal Studios, Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe
Day 4: Huntington Beach 
Day 5: Las Vegas Strip, arrive home

After a quick oil change for my van we were off.  Entrusted to my care were Brazil, Belgium, and three Danish girls, including our own student. After incessant begging, Kate earned the privelege of being co-pilot...and photographer, and DJ

Anne from Denmark was giddy about crossing the border into a new state for the first time since arriving 6 months ago.

After a long drive these girls were ready to dive in. The waves were fierce! and swimming was short but exciting.
 We strolled in and out of shops and settled on Nick's for a fantastic dinner.
Sofie was surprised to get a pile if lettuce and noodles when she thought she was ordering Thai soup. Kate loved Nick's famous bacon deviled eggs.

Hotel in Anaheim welcomed us weary travelers with very spacious rooms and super comfy beds. We were just a short drive from the magic of our next dsy's adventure at Disney.
Day 2: Disneyland

The 2nd Tuesday of February is a great time to to be here. It was a pleasant 75 degrees and 20 minutes is the longest we had to wait in line.

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